“About that burning bush you just saw…”

I was sitting in an Audiology suite waiting in between patients in Marietta, GA when I first heard God talk to me about intercessory prayer.  I believe I actually laughed out loud because I thought, for sure, that God was joking.  He couldn’t possibly have meant me.  That was for the really serious saints.  You know, the ones with white hair and their own pew and the halo you can almost actually see when you look at them.  Certainly He didn’t mean me…I mean, I KNOW me!  He may have smiled, too, that day and He did let me alone with the idea for awhile…to get used to it, I guess, before He brought it up again. And then again…and again…until I got the message and started actually participating in His process the way He intended for me to do. 

 Now, don’t get the wrong idea or miss this very critical point:  My prayers aren’t any more powerful than yours!  It is the One to whom I pray that makes the difference, not the fact that I’m the one praying.  In fact, I often wonder if He doesn’t have me pray for some people just for me—to remind me of His sovereignty and His power and His great love for all of us.  To imagine the possibilities of what talking to unlimited GOD can unleash is, quite frankly, a source of huge joy and blessing even in the midst of those nasty situations we all find ourselves in at times.

 I’ve been asked, “So, what does God sound like when He talks to you?”  Well, that depends on what He’s trying to say…and how well I’m listening at the time.  It can be through a portion of Scripture or a song, a sermon or a conversation with a friend, a photograph or a news story.  God is limitless, so don’t look for him to always speak to you in the same way each time.  Variety is the spice of life, you know, and God can be pretty inventive—and persistent, as I know from personal experience.  I can assure you that He will do His part to communicate with us if we just commit to listen for His voice. 

I think that’s one of the reasons I always smile when I read the Biblical account of Moses and the burning bush (Exodus 3 & 4)–I know just how Moses felt!  There he was herding someone else’s sheep in the desert.  Just going about his day and doing his job.  And then God showed up.  To talk.  To him.  Yes, really.   Moses had his doubts and his excuses, but that didn’t phase God a bit.  He had a plan to bless His people and He was giving Moses an opportunity to participate in that blessing.  Maybe–years ago–Moses used to have some grandiose ideas about how he could help God’s people, but it surely didn’t look anything like this!  Yes, I know just how he felt. 

It would be great to say that God has told me to do all the stuff I’ve just been longing to do for years, but I’ve found that’s rarely the case.  Oh, He can show you how to do things that are fun and that you’ll enjoy doing, but my experience is that His voice rarely sounds just like mine.  (LOL!)  In fact, His voice most often points me in directions that I’m pretty sure I’d never go on my own.  Maybe that’s the point.  He’s never just sent me off on my own.  His Word says that He will never leave me or forsake me (this means you, too!), so when He points me in a new direction, He’s usually saying, “Come join me over here, Becky.  I want to do this new thing with you, in you or for you—oh, it may look like it’s for someone else and I know you may not be comfortable with the changes I’m bringing, but it’s for you.  Come do this thing with Me and see where we end up!  Adventure awaits!”  Hence the blog…and a whole lot of other things! 

One more thing—and it’s an important one:  His “voice” will never contradict His written word.  That’s another reason to get really familiar with what He’s already said in the Bible…and that process has some pretty great benefits all by itself. 

So…are you listening?  I can assure you that He’s trying to talk to you.  Maybe you already know that, too?  What’s He saying?  I can’t wait to hear all about it!


3 thoughts on ““About that burning bush you just saw…”

  1. The most recent word I received from God began with a question. He asked me: “Why do you wait to pray until someone is sick or in trouble?” Took my breath away, I was so shocked. Shortly, He continued: “Don’t you know that I want my people to prosper and be in health, even as their souls prosper? Sickness, disease, afflictions are My enemies. Why don’t you wage war on My enemies?” My reply: “I never thought of it, but I will do that from now on!” Since then, whenever any sickness or problem comes to mind, I attack it, e.g. “Cancer, you are an enemy of God; therefore, you are my enemy, and I come against you in the Name of Jesus. You will bow to the Name of Jesus. You will shrivel and disintegrate and flush yourself from the body of _____, never to return and never to afflict any other child of God!.” I admit to being a radical fan of Jesus; no apologies!


    • I’ve always loved that verse (3 John 2)! Out in the margin of my Bible, I wrote a note on 4/13/07: “If our souls were the mark of our bank accounts and our medical reports, how healthy would we be? How wealthy would we be?” Something to ponder today. Thanks for sharing, Mildred!


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