More than you can ask or think…

We were sitting in the middle of our property feeding a fire when my husband asked the question, “What would you do if God said for us to move?”

“I’d pack.”

He waited a bit and then said, “What would you do if He just told me and didn’t tell you?”

I replied, “I’d still pack…but you’d better be right, because you’d still have to live with me!”        

We both laughed.  And then I jokingly added, “If God wants me to move, He’ll back an 18-wheeler up that driveway and pack for me!”  We laughed again.  It wasn’t a prayer request.  It was a joke.  Our driveway was just over a quarter mile long, narrow, unpaved and up hill with lots of trees near the house and absolutely no place for an 18-wheeler to turn around. 

We didn’t want to move, anyway.  We loved living on this place!  This beautiful 27 acres was our dream and it had come to mean even more to us during my husband’s recent battle with cancer.  In truth, I think God used the beauty of the land to heal my husband as much as he had the Drs and their chemicals and radiation.  The cancer was finally behind us and we were just starting down our road back to ‘normal’ life.  We were full of plans for the house and the land and us…  As I walked to the house to get us a drink, however, I felt God in my spirit saying, “Don’t get comfortable here.”  I filled up our glasses and called my prayer partner:  “AJ, we’re going to move.”  “Where?!”  “I don’t know yet.”  “When?”  “I don’t know that either, but God just told me not to get comfortable here and, AJ, I’m already comfortable here!  I need prayer!”

Much later, after the downsized job (a whole other story there!), months of looking for a job, finding one (another whole store there!) and then living in two different states as my husband started his new job and I stayed behind to finish mine and sell the house, we were together again as we waited on a man his new company was sending to tell us more about the move.

I’d never had someone move me before, so I wasn’t shocked when a man dressed in a suit stepped out of his car to begin our evaluation.  As he walked around checking out our possessions and asking all kinds of questions in the Georgia summer heat, he got a bit warm and removed his suit jacket.  I started to get a bit concerned about that sparkling white shirt and tie as he walked in to my husband’s small shop to look at the items kept there.

When he came out, he was rolling up his sleeves and then he stopped and just looked straight at me.  “Mrs. Childs,” he said, “I don’t normally do this.  I own the company and I usually send someone else to do this kind of thing, but I was in the area for a meeting and I told them I’d just handle this one myself.”  He continued, “Mrs. Childs, I just want to tell you that my boys are going to back an 18-wheeler up your driveway and they’re going to pack every single thing you own for you.  You won’t have to do a thing.  In fact, if there is anything you don’t want them to touch, you’ll need to have it packed and inside your vehicles before they arrive.”

I’m not sure what that man thought when my eyes started to water a bit or when my husband and I looked at each other and smiled really big.  I couldn’t really speak right after that, but I think I may have heard God laugh out loud…


4 thoughts on “More than you can ask or think…

  1. I hear your voice in these blogs – I actually read it hearing you talk. And my eyes watered too. For a different reason. You moved away from me. But I thank God that didn’t stop a friendship!


    • Yes, thanks to God for that, Kelley! What would I do without you?! It was a very hard move for us to make–so many reasons we wanted to stay!–and yet, God really couldn’t have made it any plainer that we were to go. I’ve always been grateful for that. I’m not sure I could have left if He hadn’t been so direct in His answers throughout the whole process!


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