Word collector

I’ve always loved words.  One of my aunts tells the story of when I was around 3 years old and I “read” her my book…and how she was amazed that I was right as I flipped through the pages.  No, I wasn’t a child prodigy.  I had a mother who read to me so much that I had the book memorized so that it looked like I was reading it to people.  It amazed my aunt, however, and cemented in her mind that I was brilliant in the way that only a doting family member can be convinced.  She still seems to be convinced…and I’m grateful for that.  There’s nothing quite like words of encouragement from someone who loves you.

I’ve collected words for years.  Quotes, verses, songs, poems, fiction, books and books and stacks of books…tomes of collected wisdom and entertainment, visits to foreign lands where I will never go, travels to times I can never live in this life—all of that, ready for me to choose my adventure at any given moment.  Heady stuff!

 Since my family was full of educators and pastors, we were always reading and we were often in church.  We were that family that was not only there every time the doors were open, we opened the doors.  Was it any wonder that I grew up with Bible stories that were as fresh in detail to me so that they all felt like my extended family, too?  I’d heard these stories all my life just like I’d heard the one where my Uncle Cotton…well, that’s another story…we’ll wait on that for now.  My point is that I grew up always surrounded by love, always encouraged and always cherished as I grew up.  Words were everywhere and they brought life to me.  Eventually, they brought the Word of Life to me.  I could relate to one who was called The Word.  That made sense to me and I never questioned that He was who the words of Scripture said He was.  I’d seen Him—and unconditional love–in action since I was a child.

 Maybe that’s not your story at all, but it doesn’t change His.  God loves you.  He thinks about you constantly.  He’s preparing a place just for you and He wants you with Him forever.  He’s got His own collection of words for you and today just might be the day that you need to spend a little time checking it out.


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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