Trust issues

Playful, entertaining, care-free, and funny, with a friendly reputation and a sleek wardrobe that never goes out of style and blends in with all the neighbors.  Who wouldn’t want to be these things?  I wonder if that’s what a dolphin thinks as he flies gracefully through the water and into the air and back again as he chases the joy of the day.  Do you think he ever questions if the water will hold him up or refuse to welcome him back after he’s been in the air for that incredible jump that so impresses us?  Do you think he questions why he has to live in water or just enjoys the fact that he’s alive?  I’m being silly, of course, but it is with a purpose.

Do you ever wonder if God will hold you up?  If He will catch you when you fall back to earth after a glorious experience in Him or face a battle in your personal life?  Do you wonder if He will really provide for you or question why you must be in this place at all?  Once you surrender to the freedom (yes, freedom!) of God throughout your life, it should get easier, right?  Oh, but that’s where our humanity comes in!  We tend to think in terms of rules and regulations…not freedoms.  We keep forgetting that this life is all about the process of becoming more like Him–and we won’t get there overnight.  We also keep forgetting that we’re not even supposed to be in control and when we forget that, we go right back to questioning of God’s goodness and trying to test out the limits of His faithfulness:  will He be there for me if I do…?  What if I go …?  You forget—He is inside you!  His faithfulness has no limitations!  You don’t HAVE to do  life on your own!  In fact, once you belong to Him, you’ll never be totally alone again!  No matter what you face, He’ll always be there to guide you.

Yes, there will be times when He may appear to be silent—sometimes just so YOU can see that you really want Him to be in charge–but He left us His Word so we can always know what He thinks and how much He loves us.  Yes, there will be times when you wonder what to do and question whether or not you’re doing it right.  The main question isn’t whether you’re “doing it right”, but whether or not your heart is right with Him.  What is the deepest desire of your heart?  To please Him or yourself?  To serve Him or your own personal goals?  To do it your way or to follow His Way.  These are the questions you must answer first.  The answers to these questions are the only really important ones, you know.  When you’ve gotten the answers right in these areas, the rest of life can begin to flow naturally from your decisions.  Keep focusing on these answers and their applications until they are second nature to you.  Too often we answer them and then think we can move on to other issues.  It just isn’t so! I used to have an anonymous quote on my desk that said, “What you do when you have a choice will determine who you will be when you no longer have a choice.” I don’t know who said it, but they were right.  Make the choice to be totally His:  to trust Him, to love Him, to LIVE for Him!

Will this mean that you have an absolutely clear cut path laid before you in every decision?  Absolutely not!  But it does mean that, as a believer in Christ, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you have a crisis of faith or decision to make.

He will sustain you.  Trust Him.

He will love you. He can’t do otherwise.

He will forgive you.  That’s why He gave His life on the cross.

He will guide you.  That’s why the Holy Spirit lives inside you.

He will delight in you.  That’s why He’s blessed you with life on this earth.

He will welcome you home.  That’s why He made heaven.


As for the permanently stylish wardrobe thing…well, really, who wants to blend in with the neighbors all the time?


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