Rainy Days and Mondays…

It’s been raining almost non-stop since Sunday morning.  I like it when it does that.  It’s a great excuse to hole up and do something constructive…or creative–and it is even better if I can combine the two!  I love the changing of seasons, in part, because it gives me a great excuse to change some things around the house, as well.   Since I couldn’t get out and make any changes to the outdoors yesterday, I decided to work on the inside for a bit.

(Incidentally, we have a house rule here:  if you don’t love it and it doesn’t make you smile, then out it goes!  There are very few exceptions to this rule and those pieces are mainly still here because they perform a specific function and we haven’t located the replacement that we’re both over the moon about yet.  This has the benefit of saving us some money while also ensuring that our home is filled with warmth, great memories and some pieces that make our home truly unique.)

Artwork and furniture shouldn’t just find permanent placement within a home–be willing to explore a different arrangement–or even a different room!–for favorite pieces at a moment’s notice.  And if you’re really going to do it up right, then you should make sure you get yourself in a really good change-it-up mood!  I always find that putting in old movies works for me.  The ones I’ve seen a thousand times are the best!  Since I know exactly what’s going on on-screen, I don’t have to be there to see it–the movie just plays itself out in my head as I go around the house doing chores and deciding what to move where next while soundtracks and familiar dialogues keep me tuned in to the background.  When I get to my favorite scenes, I can just stop what I’m doing and head back to see them before diving once more into my task.

Yesterday’s choice was “Under The Tuscan Sun”–not necessarily a “great classic”, but a fabulous option for a rainy day when you’re ready to redecorate!  The on-camera sunshine and fields of flowers made a terrific counterpoint to the pouring rain outside and while Frances Mayes–a la Diane Lane–got her house redone, so did I…just quicker and with a lot less drama.  That’s a good thing…especially since I generally have a particularly low tolerance for drama.

I’m a great one for moving things around.  Fortunately, my husband tolerates this well, often approves of it, and has even suggested it on occasion.  So!  Out with the summer painting over the fireplace and in with the fantastic photograph of the fiery red maple tree!  Gone (or, rather, stored!) are the pillows with summer roses and out are the deeper hues in lucious velvets.  The collection of seashells on the dining room table made way for harvest angels and the gorgeous miniature pumpkins I found at the local farmer’s market last weekend and the candles on the mantle were changed to create more a more harmonious color scheme with the new arrangement there.  Change can be quite refreshing.

That last sentence made me laugh.  I used to be the poster child for keeping things the same.  I’m actually the kid who cried when her parents bought her a new mattress because I didn’t want to let go of the one I’d had so long that it actually resembled a padded taco shell when you laid down instead of the supportive sleeping surface it was manufactured to be.  And then God…it always amazes me how many of the important sentences in my life start with that phrase…got really busy making changes all over my life.

He made changes in my heart and in my thought processes.  He made changes in my marital status and in the locations of my home.  He made changes in our jobs and in our finances and in our health status and in our church home and…well, it might be a shorter list of things that He didn’t change.  In fact, He kept making so many changes that I began to see change as the “new normal” in my life!  Now, when things start to settle down in several areas all at the same time, I get a bit unsettled inside…I already know that He’s up to something and it will be up to me to get on board with the new plan and I can actually look forward to seeing where He takes me next.

It might sound scary to some people and a bit crazy to others.  Personally, I think it’s just one more thing to really like about God!  I love that my God who never changes is all about changing me.  I love that He’s “the same yesterday, today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8 ) and that, at the same time, His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23).  I love that He is both constant and yet so creative in finding new ways to get my attention and to teach me more about Him.

Yes, indeed, rainy days and Mondays might get some people down…for me, they’re just another opportunity for God to show up and rearrange some internal fixtures and show me how to have a great time in the process.  I suspect I’ve got some more changes to look forward to and I’m just hoping that I’ll enjoy them as much as I do my new fall tablescape.


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