What color is joy?

(Becky’s note for today:  We’re just back from traveling and I have one more day that I get to spend with my husband before our regular schedules resume, so I decided to post something I wrote several years ago and go play for one more day!  Happy Tuesday!)


What color is joy?  In my house, it is silver in its lettering and hangs on my bathroom wall—next to a mirror to make it double.  I need double joy.  I need reminding that it is here.  Sometimes we can all forget that.  We get so caught up in the details of our lives that we forget to celebrate them.  Just like the premise of Charles E. Hummel’s book, Freedom From The Tyranny Of The Urgent.  One day I really must get around to reading that.  It’s already here…on a bookshelf…just waiting…for a time less urgent.

I just read/saw a blog article about visual journaling  while going through the archives of Ann Voskamp’s wonderful blog at www.holyexperience.com.  (I tried to find that specific post again just now, but can’t locate it.  Sorry!  Check out her blog, though!  You’ll love it!)   It really appealed to me.  The images shown were like ones I’ve often enjoyed in favorite magazines.  I think I’d like this woman.  Our lives are vastly different, but we seem to have a similar aesthetic and a love of words well written.  One of her entries mentioned joy.  I burst into tears.

I thought about all the time I’ve wasted and it broke my heart.  Still, brokenness is often a good place to begin picking up the pieces and starting over.  What will I do with this knowledge?  Will it truly change my heart?  My life?  My actions?  Well, for one, I’m writing  all of this down.  Written words have a way of making a deeper impact on me.  A resolution, if you will, of things to come.  Perhaps they will be slower than I’d like, but it is a start.

Back to joy.  As I read her words and thought about it, I connected with the colors I use in my Bible.  Different words/concepts are colored brightly in my favorite Bible.  Peace is blue; the will of God is yellow—to light my path.  Red brings salvation.  Pink illustrates those things I need to know as a woman of God.  Green indicates passages about growth.  So, what color will joy be? 

Orange, I thought, but then…I’m not always comfortable with orange.  I want to get comfortable with joy.  What color should it be?  Joy can be quiet like peace.  Joy can be brilliant like the will of God illuminated.  Joy can be passionate like the sacrifice of God’s only Son and His rescue of my soul.  It can be pink as it shows up in me—and maybe, even burgundy as it shows up in Mike.  (grin)  Green fields and trees bring me joy as I pass them by, but that color is already assigned.  See how ordered I am?  Like it really matters what color I use to denote joy!  HA!  It’s more important that I recognize my need for it and begin to search it out.  It’s considerably more critical that I embrace it and share it and remember it.  It is much more significant that I recognize it as a gift—another gift!—from the One who loves me most and desires to share all that He is with me.  That is the color of joy.  Now…if there was only a colored pencil in that color!

(Becky’s end note:  I never did choose a color to mark the joy passages in my Bible.  I decided to let them stay unmarked a bit longer.  Perhaps it’s the perfectionistic part of me that wanted to get it just right.  (smile)  All I know is that ever since that day in 2008, I look for the joy more and I smile when it shows up in the verses I read just like I smile when it shows up out of nowhere in the middle of every ordinary day…often unannounced and unexpected, but perhaps even more powerful as a result.)


2 thoughts on “What color is joy?

  1. I’ve laughed about this for 2 days now. I got so many responses about this post–and only ONE posted on the blog! LOL In any case, I just had to share this one from a friend who shall remain nameless (for the moment, anyway!): “I find myself wondering and thinking what color you will pick for joy!!! I’m thinking you “have” to pick a color. (don’t know what that says about me) There are so many cool “joy” verses that need to be highlighted. Why not orange??? If you don’t want to use orange then you should know by now that orange is the color God will choose for you. (Smile) Love you!!!”


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