For your weekend…

All week I have looked for a quote to be shared with you for the weekend.   The thought that continued to resound in my brain centered around sharing, blessings others and giving from your excess.  Finally, I found this:

“One must be poor to know the luxury of giving.”  ~George Elliot

(the English author of the classics Silas Marner, Mill on the Floss, and Middlemarch –who just happened to be a woman)

No, I do not wish all of you to be poor, but I DO pray for all of us “to know the luxury of giving“–I really do love that phrase!–so this weekend I issue you a challenge instead of my regular photo addition to the quote.  Find someone to bless this weekend.   It doesn’t have to be money.  It could be a kindness or service (rake some leaves, pull some weeds, roll in the trash bin), it can be the sharing of beauty (a brightly colored leaf left on a counter or tucked in an envelope, a small potted mum or a tiny pumpkin left by a neighbor’s door) or it can be the sharing of a book that you love or a loaf of bread or a cup of coffee–paid for the one in the car behind you in the drive-through.  Be creative in your giving this weekend!  Even the smallest of budgets shouldn’t hinder the joy you’ll receive in return for your act of generosity.

And if you really want to heighten your fun–try to do your giving annonymously.

I’d love to hear what you choose to do, but if you’re uncomfortable sharing the details with me, you can simply leave me a comment that says “challenge completed” here when you’re done.  I bet you can’t do this without smiling! 

Grace and Peace!  See you back here on Monday!


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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