Messages, packages and tears of joy

Last Tuesday may go down as one of my very favorite days ever.  Yes, ev-er.  Despite the phone call later in the day and the ensuing chronicle of resolving those issues, I will still count that day as one of my bests…in a long, long line of bests!  If you can read about the tougher stuff, surely you deserve to know about the fun stuff, too!

Ann Voskamp–yes, THE Ann Voskamp!–read my blog post that day and responded with very kind words.  To be honest, she didn’t seek me out.  I had sent her a message saying thanks for what she’s added to my life through her writing and that I had mentioned her in my own blog post for the day.  I NEVER expected that she would actually take time out of her schedule to follow up and read it–much less send me words of encouragement in response.  She may not have any other kind of words, actually, but it meant a tremendous deal to me that she even read the thank-you message…and then to read and respond to the blog, too?!  I wasn’t even sure she read her own mail!

Since it was posted in a public forum, I have no problem sharing her message back to me–just to satisfy the intense curiosity of many friends (some of whom could not wait until I wrote about this, but called to find out what was said immediately!…I love my #2!):

Hi Becky,
Ann Voskamp commented on your link.
Ann Voskamp wrote: “Dear Becky … ah, you can’t know how this well-timed word of yours blessed me… And the color of joy? It’s the same hue of His light in your eyes, Becky — you reflecting His Word. Keep just shining the world full awake, girl! :)”

I teared up when I read her response to me, I tell you.  I really did.  God is so amazing to let that happen.

About 30 minutes after I got “the message” from A.V., one of our sweet neighbors dropped by with all of the mail he’d collected for us while we were out of town.  Inside was a small refund check (GO, GOD!), some information I’ve been waiting on about an upcoming show (yes!)…and a squishy package from my precious #3.  (Let me just stop and say right here that I love getting mail–email, snail mail, voice mail…it doesn’t matter.  I love it ALL…but whenever I see a package in the mail with my name on it, my brain goes straight into singing the “My Favorite Things” song from The Sound of Music–especially the “brown paper packages tied up with string” part.  Maria von Trapp and Julie Andrews I am not, but that doesn’t stop me for a second!  Truly, I have been known to burst into song for a package with my name on it.)

Inside the package was a MOST fabulous bright apple-green scarf created specifically for me–wrapped in tissue paper tied with red raffia!  See!  Someone must have heard about my Sound of Music song line/mail obsession!  My package was also sporting a bright fushia-pink sticky note that read,

“My dearest 7–7 rows from end to end–apple green & long as requested! Prayed over during construction.  I love you.  Your #3” 

At that point, I stood there with my brand new love-scarf wrapped around my neck and I just bawled.  Messages to and from a successful writer whose blog I’ve followed for years aside, the prayers of a faithful life friend as she created a personalized blessing after a snippet of conversation from the summer that I’d even forgotten about having wins hands down…no contest…that is the real blessing.  It will be my constant reminder each time I wrap those prayer-laden stitches around my neck to keep out the cold this winter.  My heart will warm and I will know that I have yet another physical reminder of the truth that covers my whole life:  My God is incredibly good to me.

Then–as if all that wasn’t enough!–I got to spend the day with my best friend-husband relaxing in our very own house with just our 3 silly cats for company!  It may not sound like a treat to some people, but we rarely have a whole day without separation of any sort and no appointments or schedule to keep.  We got to share our freshly baked goodies brought back from the mountains and have naps and long conversations with hot chocolate and apple cider and we even watched a movie together.  It was absolutely simple and totally luxurious all at the same time.

Yes, it was one fine day, indeed!  I think it may be tough for God to top it…but I’m perfectly willing to let Him try!


3 thoughts on “Messages, packages and tears of joy

  1. tears in eyes as i read the precious words to you from ann!!!!

    flat out squalling when i read your reaction to scarf.

    smiling while reading about your day with mike and cats.

    Our God IS incredibly good to us 🙂


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