Like you, I turned the page on the calendar to a new month this morning.  Before I did so, I looked back at what October had held for me there.

My calendar was a gift from my nephews last Christmas.  It features gorgeous photographs of various foods–each picture designed to engender the spirit of the month on display.  Last month’s photo featured the end of the summer produce in various stages of the preservation process.  Brightly colored tomatoes, garlic and peppers are spread across wooden cutting boards and baskets are heaped to overflowing–full of these bounties in their original states alongside a row of freshly sealed bottles of homemade salsa.  The colors in the photograph–all bright reds, golds and oranges–were a fitting representation of both the month and all the colorful markings written below on the days of October.

We–make that I–have a system for the calendar markings.  Things that are just for me are written in red.  Items for my husband are in blue.  Those we must attend together are in purple.  Days of celebration are circled in hot pink with the names of those we’re celebrating written in green.  It is a very colorful thing to behold–especially with the addition of our markers, reminder cards and the hot pink envelope that still holds the gift certificate to the garden center that we received for our birthdays earlier in the year.  (And, yes, I HAVE been told that I am ‘too organized for words’…something about some OCD tendancies?…it just always makes me smile…if they only knew…)

October was a very full month for us.  There was a great deal of travel (13 days in total), 6 days of celebration, 4 medical appointments, 2 small business events, and a whole host of notations about meetings at the church or with friends, important  phone calls that were made, haircut appointments and 1 lone sticky note that said:  “October–divide and move the roses and the irises.”  I put it there in July as a reminder.

The sticky note will be moving with me to November.  That task just didn’t happen in October.  Timing…

My calendar hangs in my kitchen near the phone that sits atop a butcher block that used to be one of the daily tools for my paternal grandfather.  He ran his small general store down in the bottom lands where there is now a brand new sparkling soccer complex for the kids in our county.  The area is significantly different from what I remember as a child.  When that butcher block was in full use, phones without party lines weren’t even an option; microwave ovens and and large recreational areas in that part of town weren’t even a dream.  Timing…

I flipped my calendar page and took a look outside.  Once again, they seemed color coordinated.  The reds, yellows and oranges are still there…just quite a bit muted in this month of November.  It is day one of the month.  Already there are several events listed in their varied colors and they will be joined soon by many others.  This is the month of Thanksgiving and family, gathering and remembering, preparing and celebrating.  There will be more travel, more birthdays and a double-booked show weekend.  It will be busy.  It will be fabulous.  In the middle of it all, I will need to remind my-OCD-tendancied-self that people are more important than my to-do lists. Somewhere in there, I will try once again to take care of the tasks on that sticky note…but, I already know it will be all about the timing…

Do you think it’s too early to go ahead and put it on the calendar for next year?

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  Psalm 90:12


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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