FYI:  The thermometer on the back porch said it was 32 degrees Fahrenheit here this morning. (For me, that’s winter! lol) A stroll through the yard, however, reveals that summer is determined to hang on a bit longer here in Mississippi despite what the dropping digits say…

There are fresh blooms on the hot pink petunias and red geraniums that reside on the upper deck.  A volunteer vinca joined the geranium late in the September heat and they’re both still looking pretty perky against the browns and golds of fallen leaves out in the November drab.

daffodils, mums and fallen leaves

A look down the row of potted Japanese maples reveals brightly colored mums…and a few rogue daffodils that might be just a touch out of  season…for now.

My favorite, however, must be the forsythia out by the mailbox.  Clothed in colors fit for fall, she’s already prepping for spring…I don’t want to rush it or wish my life away, but this one inspires me and already I dream of bright yellow blooms…

This one will get me through the winter.  What’s your plan?


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