The List

I must tell you that even before I got out of bed yesterday I was making a list.  In fact, I had to get out of bed to get it all down on paper before I forgot something.  It was my daily ‘to do’ list…

Yes, I get the irony of writing a blog post about paring down the list of things we need to do for the day when I had just created my own list…a list that kept expanding throughout the day.  In fact, I thought about just scrapping this exploration of how to pare down simply because I have so much to do this week.  It made me laugh.  It made me realize that, perhaps, this is exactly why I need to make some changes.

This is a busy week for us.  We have two shows in two different locations…simultaneously…this coming weekend.  Product doesn’t make itself and there is much to do before we can go our separate ways and still be united in our common goal of building our business this weekend.  My list yesterday had 12 major line items on it before I could even get to the last one…Shop Time!  I got to that one just about an hour before I needed to stop and get supper started.  It was a very full day.

I’m sure you had one, too.  I can’t fix that.  I’m not even sure I can ‘fix’ my own list this week, so I’m going to start by thinking on a grander scale.  The holidays.

Uh-oh.  I know.  I can hear you now:  “You can’t mess with the holidays!”  “But we always do ____!”  “How can we possibly reduce our holiday schedules?”  Well, if you’re completely, totally, absolutely happy with every single thing you do during the holiday season, then you can quit reading right now.  You’re done.  (smile)

If you think you might want to make even a slight change to this year’s festivities, however, stay with me.

The first thing I want us to do is…make a list.  Funny, I know.  Seriously, take a moment and just think about what your favorite 3 things about the holiday season are and write them down.  In the United States, the holiday season runs from the 4th Thursday of November (Thanksgiving) to the first day of the next year (New Year’s Day).  That’s 41 days.  Forty-one days of business-as-usual PLUS.  The business-as-usual part is difficult enough…and then we pile on the PLUS.  The PLUS is all of our shopping for the “perfect” gifts and cooking the perfect meals and traveling to/from relatives and decorating for Thanksgiving and taking it down and decorating for Christmas and wrapping and unwrapping and singing and special events at church and parties at school and work and church and parades and enjoying the kids…and…just thinking about it can be overwhelming.

And somewhere in there we’re supposed to be grateful and we’re supposed to actually celebrate the birth of Christ, focus on the tenants of our faith and rest.  For me, these are the important things, yet every year they seem more and more difficult to accomplish in the melee that is the American Holiday Season.

So.  If we’re going to break things down into more manageable bites, we need to make a list.  If you want, ask your family members to make their own lists of their 3 favorites, as well.  Don’t look at theirs before you make your own.  Just think:  What are YOUR three favorite things about the holiday season?  These could be a favorite food, activity or event you want to attend.  Whatever you choose is fine.  No judgements or justifications here.

Write them down.  Share them here, if you like.  I promise.  I won’t look until I’ve made my own list!  (smile)


3 thoughts on “The List

  1. Love your gift of words! Did you know that Jennie Augusta Brownscombe painted a particularly iconic work titled The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth (1914)? This painting has “become a symbol of the holiday for many Americans.”


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