Thanksgiving Dinner–a poem

I come from a large family.  A really large family.  A really large family of incredible cooks.  That means that the Thanksgiving meals at my Grandmother’s house were typically large enough to cover 2 good-sized tables, the stove and the counters in the kitchen.  We looked forward to that meal all year long.

Now, before you begin to think such abundance was excessive, let me also tell you the following:  My mother is one of 10 children.  It was an extremely rare holiday when at least 7 of them weren’t in attendance…along with all their children.  Each family averaged about 3 kids.  My parents were the exception because they usually had about 4 foster kids in addition to their regular three.  Several people would bring along additional friends or extended family members.  All of that means that lunch for at least 50 was a given for any holiday meal.  That amount of food was just plain necessary.

Every family has traditions.  In addition to the gathering in and the fabulous food and playing with all of the cousins and the just ‘being together’ of our Thanksgiving Day, we always looked forward to my grandmother’s recitation of her poem that she had learned as a child.  To this day, a Thanksgiving holiday is not complete without this poem.  Grandmother has been gone for many years, but one of my dear cousins had the foresight to ask Grandmother to write the poem down for her.  Thanks to that same sweet cousin, I have a copy of the poem written in my grandmother’s own handwriting and when I read it, I hear her voice.  It is, for me, a most precious thing.

I share it with all of you today as a way of sharing those memories…and as a warning.  (smile)

“Thanksgiving Dinner”

I don’t believe in eating much

of turkey, pumpkin pie and such.

It make me dream bad dreams at night

and then, besides, it’s not polite.

So I’m not going to stuff and stuff

and act like I can’t get enough.

For me a turkey leg will do

with just a slice of breast or two,

then some liver, gizzard, and a wing,

Lots of dressing, that’s the thing!

Mashed potatoes to make me grow

Squash and cabbages, they’re fine, you know,

And I must have some cranberries, too,

And layer cake–two pieces will do.

Then of pumpkin pie so yellow–

One piece, because I’m a little fellow.

With nuts and apples I shall quit

and not ask for another bit.

For it isn’t good the doctors say

To eat too much on Thanksgiving Day!


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner–a poem

  1. Just so you know, I tried to look up the origin/author of the poem, but couldn’t find a thing! It makes me kind of glad…like it’s something that’s just been “ours” for a long time. :~)


    • I’m following your quiet ambitions daily and must say they often give me just the little push I need. Grandma’s poem is written down somewhere at Mama’s house, too – just haven’t had the heart to go through her things yet. We may get to it when Hope comes home for Christmas. I am so thankful that you are open to the filling of the Spirit in your writing. You are blessing so many!


  2. Love this, sweet Becky! Thanks for sharing. Your memories of Thanksgivings past are so much like mine. All the relatives came and after dinner, the men all went hunting. There was so much food, you can only imagine! Our Thanksgiving tomorrow will include 14 of our immediate family and then a guest!


    • Apparently, we DO have the same family, Judy! LOL In the afternoons, we’d pick up all the sticks in the yard and have a bonfire! With all of those little hands put to work, it didn’t take us long! We were having so much fun, we didn’t realize we were doing chores! :~)


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