Asking the “WHY?” questions

I’ve been reading a mystery.  I like them.  I like trying to figure out the details and answer the questions before I reach the end of the book.  Figuring out the “Big 5”:  the who/what, when, where, how and why of things, can be extremely satisfying.  I enjoy that feeling of knowing the answers before they’re required.  I think most people like that.

It’s one thing to deal with that in fiction.  It’s another thing entirely to deal with it in real life.

Lately, I’ve been dealing with some of the Big 5 questions in that real-life arena, as well.  The first four questions aren’t usually that difficult to find the answers to because they often seem to be the headliners in conversations.  They’re the first things we figure out and pass along.  It is that frustrating fifth question that takes the most time to know:  the WHY question.

That question can cover a lot of ground.  From the purely casual to the deeply spiritual, the why questions often take the longest to answer.

Sometimes I wish God would just tell me the answer when He fills in the other blanks.  He often makes me wait.  It has taken years to get to some of those answers and I’m guessing it will take years to get to some of the others.  I’ve also gotten the distinct feeling that there will be some (make that a “lot”) that never gets answered in this life.

I think I might have to get over it.  (smile)

There are quite a few things I want to know the “why” of—and naturally, I’d like to know sooner, rather than later.  For example, I’d like to know

  • why there’s so much pain in the world for people I love.
  • why people can go through the same events and one comes out fine and the other takes their life.
  • why some people struggle with fear and others don’t.
  • why people who don’t want children can often have them so easily and some who want them desperately can’t have them at all.
  • why people continue to sin over and over when they know God and His forgiveness—especially when they’ve experienced it personally (and yes, that includes me).
  • why God thought people were a good idea…sometimes it seems we mess a lot of things up pretty well.
  • why some of us are so blessed and others appear to be left with so little.

And that’s just the SHORT list!  I don’t get a lot of things like that.   I think God wants me to keep asking those questions, though.   I think that, at the very least, He wants me to keep noticing those differences and talking to Him about them.  I think He has some things for me to do to help mitigate the pain in some of those situations and, perhaps, just be available to listen or pray in others.  I’m pretty sure all those things don’t happen for JUST those reasons, but maybe they’re a start.  He’s looking for us to turn to Him…to talk to Him…be available for Him to use…to find ways of blessing those in need and be an option for those who can’t see another one clearly.  Scripture tells me that I’ll go through things that are uncomfortable so that I can later share with others the comfort that God send to me (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).  My mind gets that and yet, I’m still asking that why question more often than not lately.  I’m beginning to think that I’m not just interested in the why so much as seeking a solution in those situations…and it seems I’m talking to the only One who can give me that, as well.

Maybe you should, too.


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