Sometimes I do stupid things

Sometimes I do stupid things.

Yes, I do.  Shocking, I know.  Probably even more so because you never do, right?

That’s what I thought.  You’re prfec.  I knew it. (and just so you know, that typo was not my fault because my computer was acting up so much that I actually took time to reboot, but I decided to leave it in because it illustrated my point…well, perfectly.)

No one is perfect.  Despite any claims to the contrary.  :~)

Sometimes we all do really stupid things.  They may not be monumental in nature or have galaxy-changing effects, but they’re often so far from that p-word, that you’d think they couldn’t exist in the same realm.

Somewhere between running with blunt-edged scissors and mass-destruction level, we all fall short.  We are less than.  (I hate the feeling of that phrase, but it also seems so on-target.)

Less than what?  The standard.

The standard of what?  Morality, intelligence, encouragement, kindness, generosity, understanding, fidelity, forgiveness, fill in your own blank here ___________.

Sometimes it’s because we’re in a hurry and we just can’t be bothered with the details.  Sometimes it’s because we aren’t really as smart as we think we are.  Sometimes it’s because we just plain choose to be less than we know we’re capable of being…less than what we’re called to be.

There may be a thousand reasons for the “why” of it, but they rarely mitigate the results.  People we love get hurt, short-changed, neglected…and sometimes we do, too.  We may be doing it to ourselves, but the cost is still there.

Sometimes it’s little things that can be fixed with ease–things that may not even be noticible to others at first.  It may just be the stuff we think inside our head:  the things that come out as wrong attitudes (also known as:  ingratitude)…or the things that you think don’t ever come out of you, but rob you of your peace or your joy.  (and if that’s the case, trust me…it will eventually show to those who know and love you.)

I type these things in the middle of the night and I am reminded of a verse from Scripture:  “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”  Matthew 5:38

The point is that we’re to imitate God.  He’s the standard…no matter what the category we choose.  I won’t always make the right choice.  You won’t, either.  We can, however, make the choice to try again.

To do less than that…well, that would be really stupid.


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