For your weekend…

Last Saturday we had to be at the local lake pretty early to set up for a show.  We got there well before the doors were even open…and I’m glad it worked out that way.  It gave me a little time to walk down to the lakeside and enjoy the gorgeous morning colors reflected in the water’s stillness.

It wasn’t long before the peace of the morning gave way to the raucous honking of two flights of Canada geese as they flew in to land on the lake.  Oh!  What a noise they made!  A “community sing” of awkward voices each seeming to fight to be heard over the others…each one determined to be the last voice heard.

And then they settled.  Landing instructions given…taken…executed…

Peace returned.

It was time.  I turned to walk back up the hill and as I made my way, I spotted another reminderSONY DSC of what I’d just seen…a single feather in the grass.

My prayer for you this weekend is that whatever noise you may have experienced this past week will fade into peace and leave you with burdens no heavier than a feather.  I pray for quietness in your soul, joy in your heart and eyes to see the wonderous beauty all around you…and rest...deep, healing rest.

Grace & Peace!

See you back here on Monday!

*all photos taken by Becky Childs


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