I’ve been doing a bit of editing this week.  I like doing that kind of work, especially when I know both the writer and the subject matter, because I can ‘hear the voice’ as I read.  It’s a bit like having a conversation…only they can’t hear your side of it…until later. (smile)

You have to be careful when you’re editing someone else.  The point is to make their work sound as good as possible; not make it sound like YOU.  It’s a fine line to walk and I’ve often wondered aloud if I was exercising my spiritual gift of administration by putting things in order or just exercising a critical spirit!  I’ve been known to have both.

Being an editor for this particular project has made me think about how God edits us.

(Some of you just got a shock, didn’t you?! You weren’t aware that God was editing you.  He is, though.  Trust me.)

If you’re NOT a follower of Christ (yet!  See!  I’m always hopeful!), don’t think you’re getting off easy.  He’s still editing your life.  He’s bringing you into contact with people and situations that are all designed to show you that He loves you; that He knows you; that He’s in control…and that you’re not.

If you ARE a follower of Christ…well, He’s doing those exact same things for you!  (LOL!)  Don’t you love it?!  Believers still need those lessons.  Perhaps we need them even more once we believe.  As much as we’d like to think that we’ve got things under control because we know God and He knows us, it isn’t always true.

It IS true that HE has everything under control.  It’s also true that He’s not controlling.  That sounds like an oxymoron because it is.  (Just a little reminder here:  anytime there is a ‘discrepancy’ in what you think you’re hearing about God…it means DIG DEEPER!)

God created all of us to have both common and individual purposes in this world.  The common purposes would be to come to know His Son as Savior and Lord, to glorify Him by our life choices and to tell others about Him.  The individual purposes are just that…individual.  Those are the ways that He uses us to shape and edit the lives around us.

It’s all done with a purpose on His end, as well.  Because He loves us so much, He wants the very best for us.  He’s in the process of making each of His creations as good as they can possibly be (just like His Son) and, at the same time, He’s preserving our ‘voice’ in the process.  What good is it if we’re all automatons?!  God wants to use our individual personalities to serve His common goal—that’s the way the people around us know it’s for real!

They’ll know what God says is true because they will see and hear the difference in us!  Now, that is the mark of a great Editor.


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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