I’m dreaming of…

No, not a white Christmas!  Although I do like the song, I’m from the South.  We rarely get snow here–and that’s just fine with me!  (Although it has absolutely nothing to do with this post, after mentioning the song, I feel compelled to include this photo of a typical snow at my house.  This was from 2008 and although the thermometer was stuck at the time, the temperature wasn’t that far off!)  (grin)snow 2008

There are quite a few people dreaming about different things this time of year.  It might be about presents, about the people they plan (or wish) to see, plans for travel, ideas about what 2013 might hold for them or things too personal to even say out loud.  I read two different blog column emails this morning before 8 AM about this subject…and other than the fact that both authors were ‘dreaming’ about something, the posts couldn’t have been more different.  The subject did, however, pique my interest.  I got online and started to look up quotes about dreams.  I found quite a few, but the following one really got my attention:

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”  ~ Henry David Thoureau

I love this quote!  It fits right in with some of the thinking and planning that we’ve been engaged in here for the past few months–years, actually.  Starting a business can be a bit daunting.  Learning by trial and error can be costly and try your patience in ways that will astonish you.  Trying to create a busness plan that will actually become successful and have a part in your future is not for the faint of heart.   Just trying to imagine a different life for yourself can take some time to do.  Putting the dream into action–actually creating that reality for yourself is both frustrating and fabulous.  Finding out that people like something you’ve created enough to part with their cash and take it home with them–well, that can be a lot of fun!  Before the fun, however, comes a lot of hard work and a lot of hard dreaming.

We’ve been working on the schedule for next year, talking about different product line options, new ideas for how we can make our production easier–all within the confines of keeping our little busness debt-free.  It means we grow at a slower pace, but we’re convinced that this is God’s best plan for us and our business.  It fits in with what we believe He has chosen for us in the other parts of our lives.  The lives we imagine for ourselves give us the push to keep going.  The lives we imagine for ourselves can seem far away some days…and then…God shows up  and brings us a day like yesterday with calls and orders and the opportunities to help someone send “Christmas” to a loved one far away and, in the process, help make it special.

To be creative, debt-free, servant-hearted blessors who find beauty all around them and get to share God with those around them in the process…That is the life we imagine.  Those are the days we live for..dream of…


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