What do you think?

We all like to be asked that question, right?  Well, sometimes.  Maybe, even most of the time.  But what if it puts you on the spot…before you’ve had time to really think through the issue for yourself?  What if what you’re thinking puts you in the minority or makes you unpopular?  What if it makes you seem a bit more weird to those who know and love you, not to mention those who haven’t had the opportunity to find out more about you yet?

What if you’re wrong What if you’ve been wrong…at the top of your voice…for a long time?  (well.  there’s a bit of silence for us all, right?)

I’ve been spending some time this morning reading some things that question my way of thinking on some issues that I’ve been pretty set in my opinions about for quite some time.  Today, I’m asking myself these questions again:  “What DO you think?” and “WHY do you think it?”  Could it be something you

  • heard as a child?
  • learned in Sunday School or church?
  • were taught by a personal experience?
  • were taught by a professor in college or person of influence?
  • know is a part of a particular political party platform?
  • just know “everyone” around you believes by what they say and do?
  • picked up as an accidental habit?

I’m doing some serious thinking these days and I’m asking these questions and more.  I’ll be honest:  I may not be entirely ready to change my mind on some of these issues.  Furthermore, I may not need to do so.  For now, I’m just doing some thinking…and reading…and praying.

I will say that I’m asking God to open my eyes to see them His way–and to help me be gracious even if He chooses to use people I’ve always disagreed with to point me in His direction.  Those are pretty big steps.

Are you willing to do the same thing today?  Are you willing to hear that you might be wrong about some things?  Are you willing to change your behaviour if that’s the case?

Come on!  What do you have to lose?   Who knows?!  We both might find that we’ve been right all along!  (grin)

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all of your getting, get understanding.”  Proverbs 4:7

What do YOU think?


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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