Following the star

I usually change the artwork in our house around to match my mood or the season.  At Christmas, I took down the painting over the mantle and cleared off all the extras to make room for the Nativity set.  I hung the star-shaped lid of a box over the manger.  It was a bit larger than the scale of the nativity set, but I thought it kind of fit since I think the original Christmas star was pretty spectacular in size, as well.

This past Monday, I de-Christmased our house.  Actually, as a follower of Christ, my house will never be truly de-Christmased, but I took down all of the seasonal decorations and packed them away until next year.  I took my time and rested in between the collecting and the protective repacking of treasured items.

The Nativity set is usually the first thing I put out and the last thing I put away because it is the focus of the season.  This week, I packed it all carefully away; each piece in their individual plastic bags and placed carefully in the hollowed out Styrofoam holder before moving the box, once more, out to the storage area.  Christmas was officially over.  I proceeded to the next item on my to-do list.

It wasn’t until I sat down late Monday night that I realized I had left the star in place.

It looks very stark against the dark bricks with no figures below to provide context.

The more I look at it, the more I like it.  I’ve decided to leave it up for a few more days as a reminder of all the ways God chooses to speak to us, all the ways He directs our paths and leads us to the places where we can find Him.  Unexpected directionals leading us along unexpected paths to unexpected places where we find the One who came for us.

I think that’s the part that’s sticking with me most:  all the “unexpecteds” are on our side…never on His.  He’s always had a plan.  The ways He gets our attention will vary because He created each of us individually…no carbon copies here.

Yes, the star will stay in place for a bit longer…a  reminder to look for Him even in the unexpected places of this new year…some of them right out in the open if only we have eyes to see.


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