Fortune cookie futures?

Neither of us felt like cooking, so we ordered Chinese food from our favorite place in town. I dropped by to pick it up on my way home.

The food was fantastic, as usual, though I will say that the minimal effort to plate and then clean up afterward may have added to my personal enjoyment. After the meal was over, I headed into the kitchen to get our fortune cookies.

The crunchy honey sweetness of a fortune cookie is the perfect end to a Chinese dinner. The fact that they come with a fortune inside is an added bonus—kind of like the prize inside the Cracker Jack boxes from childhood. I have absolutely no illusions that my life course will be determined by the writings enclosed in a mass-produced cookie, but they entertain me just the same.

My husband is not such a fan of the actual cookie, but he joins in my fortune cookie fun out of his love for me. We had two packages—one for each of us. One of the packages, however, contained TWO cookies. Much to my delight, my sweet husband graciously conceded that one to me!

His fortune was good advice, though pretty generic: “Appreciate the caring people who surround you.” Not bad. That’s always good advice.

My first one was along the same generic vein: “An unexpected event will soon make your life more exciting.” Again, not bad. Who couldn’t use a little bit more excitement?

My bonus fortune added a little spin to the first one as I read:
“An alien of some sort will be appearing to you shortly!”

Somewhere I envision a tiny gnome of a fortune cookie writer giggling hysterically as he sends tiny bits of entertainment out into the world…part Zen master and part Star Wars fan…writing his own cosmic play in tiny phrases to be stuffed inside cookies sent throughout the universe…


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