For your weekend…

I was reading through and praying over our church prayer list this morning when a portion of a request seemed to jump out at me. Out beside the names of several people it said, “needs encouragement.” Honestly, my first thought was, “Who doesn’t need that these days?” My second thought was, “Good for them! How wonderful that they recognized their need for it and asked!!”

It made me start thinking about different people who have encouraged me over the years. It is amazing how just a simple word of praise or optimism can make such a difference in people. The words may not change their actual circumstances one bit, but when the people in them are changed…well, it can indeed become a whole new ballgame!

Your “mission” for the weekend is to be an encourager to at least three people. They may be the ones living in your house or just someone you meet at the store, but make an effort to encourage or compliment at least three people before Monday morning rolls around. It doesn’t have to be big or complicated: “That color looks great on you!” “That was a really good meal!” “I appreciate your hard work around here!” You can even send a short note in the mail to someone or leave a sticky note in a place they’re sure to find it.

Here’s a bet (yes, this is one even good Baptists can take!): You can’t deliberately encourage people this weekend without becoming more encouraged yourself. This is a win-win assignment!

Who knows what God will do with your encouraging words?! You could be the start of a revolutionary change in someone you love! At the very least, you’ll have taken a small step toward making your world a little bit nicer place to be.

See you back here on Monday!
Grace & Peace!

*photo by Becky Childs


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