In sickness and in health…

“Lord, teach me the art of patience whilst I am well, and give me the use of it when I am sick.  In that day either lighten my burden or strengthen my back.  Make me, who so often in my health have discovered my weakness presuming on my own strength, to be strong in my sickness when I solely rely on thy assistance.”  ~Thomas Fuller (1608-1661)

I’m getting better!  Actually, I’d go so far as to say, I’m almost completely recovered.  It is a definite cause for joy since I’ve been battling since the week after Christmas.  I was vastly improved last week and am even more so this one.  Praise, Praise, Praise!

I’ve mentioned before that I am not a good patient.  That’s still true.

I’ve also made it plain to those who really know me that I plan never to pray for patience.  Strength?  Yes.  Endurance?  Absolutely.  Patience?  Nope, I think not…and yet, God has been working on this area of my life just the same during this time of extended frustration.  Isn’t that just like Him to take a situation you don’t want to be in the first place to teach you lessons in something you’ve always been determined to avoid asking Him to give you?  I must say that I find it highly amusing…now that I’m emerging from the yuck, of course.  I think that’s why the quote above really struck such a chord with me today.

It’s taken me over a month to get here.  A month of self-enforced quarantine and rest.  A month of ignoring all but the most pressing of chores and having “all that free time to read” and not feel like reading for pleasure at all.  A month of yuck…and for what?

Well, I still don’t have all the answers to that question, but I have learned a few things:

  • I was right all along!  (smile)  I’m an incredibly blessed person!  This month is the aberation, not the norm for me.
  • God is faithful no matter what my physical or mental state. (Just like He promised.)
  • Although I was unable to speak to people on the phone for more than a moment or two and I refused to mail them my germs through the mail, I could still pray for them.  Prayers to the only One who can change their circumstances and mine are not dependent on being able to voice them out loud.
  •  As pitiful as I often felt, I was always aware that there were people in far more desperate states than mine–trust me, that’s a blessing.  Being aware of the multitude of grace and mercy that regularly flows your way can keep you from sinking into a depression.  I’m not saying that I rejoiced in the difficulties of others, but rather that I was continually made aware of my many blessings even in my own time of trial.
  • I was also reminded–many times, actually–of just how blessed I am to be married to the man God chose just for me.  Grace and blessing, indeed.

In this week of reclaiming my household from dust-dinosaurs (the bunnies morphed mightily weeks ago!) and preparing for guests this coming weekend, I am reminded of these recent lessons.  I’ve learned from this time, so it wasn’t wasted.  I’m stronger internally as a result and I’m filled with thankfulness for a husband’s care and a gracious God’s help.  I’m further grateful that both are, have been and will remain patient, loving and faithful…in sickness and in health.


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