For your weekend…

I was baking love and praying prayers of comfort for ones who have experienced loss this week when I had the sudden urge to check my email.

I wasn’t sure why I felt the impulse to do it right then, but I took a short break to do so anyway.  Sometimes God breathes instructions that we don’t understand and we need to heed them anyway…for lots of reasons.

What I found was an email from a most treasured friend who reminded me of something very important about love:  when you tell the people around you that you love them, you should also occasionally tell them why.  Tell them you love them because they’re important, because their blue eyes remind you of summer skies with God’s own breath in the breeze.  Tell them you love them because they’re full of integrity and they’re good providers, because they fixed the drain or killed the monster spider.  Tell them you love them because you see your Grandmother’s smile in theirs and that is a good thing.  Tell them you love them because they tried hard, because they’re kind, and because they’re God’s own gift to you.

What you tell them isn’t nearly as important as the message behind it that you took the time to think about them and give thanks for them.  It tells them that they were important enough for you to spend time on them.  It will encourage them.  It will bond your hearts even tighter together.  It will make a difference.  I promise.

I know all these things because I got an email listing all the things that my friend loves about me and I know what a difference it made in me…in my heart…in my today.  I have carried that feeling throughout the day as I’ve done the small things that only matter to me, things done to bless others and I’m absolutely certain that the food I share with friends tonight will taste better because it was cooked by a heart bathed in love and grace.

So, here’s your challenge for the weekend (or a whole week…or even for the whole month?):  Tell someone around you that you love them…and then give them the gift of a “why” to go with it.  Write it in an email, send a card, leave a sticky note, say it in person…your choice.  Tell them you love them and tell them why…and see what a difference it makes in them…and in you.

Grace & Peace…and lots and lots of love…because you’re sweet, funny, fabulous YOU! (smile!)


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