Most Blessed

We are the most blessed people on the planet.  Really.

We spent most of yesterday in the stress of medical issues…in the doctor’s offices, the Emergency Room, standing in line to get prescriptions, getting home and getting settled again.  It was a tough day.

It could have been tougher.  We were being prayed for all day.  We are so blessed to be surrounded in love by people who pray!  Throughout the whole thing, we were aware that God was at work and that we were being loved in phenomenal ways through the prayers of others.  There is some serious comfort in knowing that.

In addition to that knowing, God used the opportunity to send us medical care professionals who exceeded their mandate for giving care…and actually cared for us enough to stop and educate us in the process.

I love it when God sends me blessings in the midst of the day.  I love it when He shows up in the texts and phone calls and emails…and in people!

Actually, God showed up on Sunday night at the beginning of our situation when I received notice that a fellow blogger had visited this site and “liked” one on my previous posts.  As I always try to do when that happens, I returned the visit and read a few things on his site.  As I did so, a Twitter post he had made earlier in the day caught my eye.  It said:

“God gave you this life because He knew you were strong enough to live it.”  ~Pastor Jon Lilley (fellow blogger @ , brother in Christ, person I’ve never met…and carrier of a message that God used to prepare us for yesterday)

I love that quote!  It reminds me that God is in charge of every detail and that no matter what happens to us, He really is aware of what we’re going through at every moment.  He’s got a plan.  Sometimes we don’t really like the plan, but it doesn’t change the fact that He’s got one! (grin)  It also reminds me that He’s put people in place to bless us and make the life we live easier…by their actions, their words, their prayers…by their presence.  We are surrounded by those people and they are some of our greatest blessings in this life.

Yes, indeed, we are the most blessed people on the planet.  Really.


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