It’s Monday, God…

It’s Monday, God, and we need You…again…still.

Help us to remember our need for worship in our work and remind us of how very worthy You are to receive our praise no matter where we are and what we face this week.

Help us to hear from You as we walk this week and use us to be Your feet and hands to those with whom we share our time and place.

Help us not to shy away from the hard things of life, but to look for You in them, instead.

Help us remember that You are in control (and that our efforts to be so–are wasted).

Remind us of our blessings and give us the strength to choose joy and thankfulness in the midst of those things that may not look like blessings to us right now.

Teach us to see and hear with Your eyes, Your ears…and Your heart.

Love through us and work through us to reach others so that they can see You IN us and know that they can be loved in the same wild, wonderful and passionate way, God.

We are Yours.  Remind us of that when we succeed and when we fail.

We are Yours.  Remind us of that when we wake and before we sleep and in all the hours in between. 

We are Yours.  Use us as You choose to show others how they can be Yours, as well.

Strengthen our bodies for service this week, God, but—even more!—strengthen our hearts to love well and raise our spirits to be in communion with You no matter what task lies before us.

Grant us Your grace and Your favor and help us to extend those gifts to those around us this week.

Grant us joy, God!  Help us to be so full of You that our soul laughter becomes contagious and constant…and beautiful in Your sight.

Thanks for Your provision this week, God!  Thanks for being our Provider and Peace, our Shelter and our Hope!  We need all these things and more. 

Thanks for being the More—no matter what that looks like for each of us because

It’s Monday, God, and we need You…again…still.


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