John 13-17 records the words and activities of Jesus and His disciples as He faced the looming horror to come.  Even with that knowledge resounding throughout His very being,  this is the day of loving service, fellowship and last words of instruction.  This is the day of washing feet and Last Supper and “love one another” in this way…

 I worked on a clogged drain today and I thought about how gradual it all can be.  The clog doesn’t develop suddenly, but rather over time.  Little by little the build-up occurs until the slowing down becomes an all-out stop.  Then the bowl becomes a vessel for holding in the dirty things instead of a funnel to drain them all away.

 The same thing happened to dirty feet all those years ago.  Step by step on unpaved roads and through fields of labor the layers built until it was necessary for washing.  Maybe one day wasn’t so bad, but string enough of them together without the cleansing and you’d have a real mess…and an uncomfortable one, at that.

 The dirt and the clogs that keep us from fellowship and from relationship…our choices…our decisions.  Ours.  All ours.  The washing away of it all…that’s all Him. 

 It was that way then.  It is that way now. 

 “Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.”  Psalm 51:2


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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