For your weekend…

Today has already been a rare privilege.  I’ve had the opportunity to have conversation with two different people who shared a portion of their ongoing faith story with me!

The first encounter was an unplanned delight as part of a regularly scheduled phone call.  I know.  That sounds all out of whack, but it is true.  I talk with this lady almost every Friday.  Today, she shared how God had blessed both her and her husband in their many years of marriage in some of their health issues.

My second encounter was planned…and then forgotten.  My fault entirely!  I checked the calendar, said the “yes” and wrote it down…on a different calendar.  When my friend arrived at my house, I was quite a bit less than prepared, but–because she loves me dearly–she was gracious enough to overlook my pajamas and still make herself at home.  We completed our “pre-arranged business” and then began to speak of what God was doing in each of us right now.  This friend and I are of similar temperament and I loved hearing how consistent our God has been in dealing with the two of us…in some cases, it is like we’re living the same life.  Amazing.

So.  Here’s your challenge for the weekend:  FIND some time to share some of your faith story with someone around you AND listen to a portion of theirs, in return.  You’ll both have the pleasure of good company, strengthen your relationship with each other and build each other’s faith…all at the same time.

Trust me, it will be worth every moment.  I know it has been for me.

Grace & Peace!

See you back here on Monday!


2 thoughts on “For your weekend…

  1. Hey, it is not the pink pjs that made the visit incredible but the “God with skin on” wearing them that blessed the heart of your friend!! As we are fond of saying, “Go God!!”


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