Another ordinary day of miracles…

I woke early again this morning.  Another day to see God at work and be grateful is not something to take lightly.  After praying for several loved ones, I headed downstairs to face the day.  As I progressed through my morning routine, I checked out the emails and found the following notices:

  •  “Took the feeding tube out today. He ate 2 cheese burgers as I watched in awe how God has doubled up on his healing power.”
  • “We have a new addition… she decided to make her entrance to the world a bit early. She was born today by emergency c section… She is 15 1/2 inches long, 2 lbs 15 oz breathing on her own with an apgar score of 9.9. Momma and baby both doing ok. They said her little head was the size of softball. She is holding her own but could use some prayers if you can handle that. She is in nicu–I think she will be there 6 wks. I think she was at 28-29 weeks along. Thank You!”

 I stopped reading after that.  There.  Right there!  If I see nothing else that holds me spellbound in awe today, it will still be more than enough. 

 You see, the first email was about a cousin who fell from 3 stories up on a construction site just a few short weeks ago.  I don’t mind telling you that God has been busy there in an amazing way—healing, caring, providing and sustaining life.  Since the news arrived of the fall and the rapid helicopter ride, our whole family has been praying for God’s best in this situation and, along with C.S. Lewis, we’ve been “wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.”  That doesn’t mean that we weren’t confident in our prayers!  Though we have prayed with expectation based on the greatness of our God, we are always aware that the decisions—and the answers—are His alone.  As the hours became days and then weeks, we’ve seen God show up over and over again in amazing ways as a testament to His power and His great love for those who serve Him.

 The second email is self-explanatory.  LIFE!  New life…tiny life…thriving despite her early entrance into this world.  Oh, Father, help her to come to know You in her early days and depend on You throughout all of her days!

 In His grace, God has given us days upon days of miracles.  Every day is full of them if only we will look and see!  They’re all around us.  I’ve come to expect them and I look for them, but I don’t want to take them for granted.  I want to revel in them, celebrate them, dance and shout and cheer over them!  I want to share them and see God use them as beacons of His greatness in the lives of those who hear…and yet still have a hard time seeing.  Oh, how I want you to see them!  Oh, how I want you to see Him!

Father God, thank you for this day and the miracle of life!  Thank you for choosing to give us all of the beauty that surrounds us and the additional gifts of our senses to experience it fully.  Help us to use our vision to see more than what is just in front of us today—help us use it to see You at work all around us.  Give us grateful hearts and loving souls to bless those around us today…and always, always, always give us more of You.  Amen.


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