Yesterday I wrote of miracles of life.  Within just a few hours of posting, I was part of a miracle of timing.

You all know by now that I am a planner.  I plan out my day…my life…my…world—even though I know that there will be things beyond my control and my “plan” can often be de-railed.  I’ve done this life long enough to know that it is God who most often changes my plan even when I think I’ve made a pretty good one to start with…well, most of the time.

ANYWAY!  Yesterday I had a plan.  I was going to spend the day in the shop getting ready for some of our upcoming shows.  Then I remembered that I had some paperwork that needed to be mailed—and no envelope that size to mail it.  That meant a trip to town.  Then I got a phone call asking me to drop something at another location…and, oh, yes, a bank deposit…and then I really should pick up some…ok, this would require a longer trip to town…and a different direction.  Still, it was combinable and I could work it out.  New plan.

I completed my “town tasks” and headed back home.  On my way, I passed by my husband’s office.  He has a window and sometimes I call just before I’m going to pass by and we wave at each other as I go by, but I decided not to do that yesterday.  He had told me that he would be having lunch with some other employees on-site and I didn’t want to disturb his lunch meeting.

Less than a minute later, my phone rang.  It was my husband.  I hit the speaker button and heard his voice.  When you’ve loved someone this long, you know things about them before they even have to say them.  You can tell a lot simply by hearing their tone, inflection and speech rhythm.  I knew immediately that something was wrong.  I was right…and I was needed at his office immediately.

Within moments I had turned my truck around and was pulling back into his parking lot.  We were able to address the suddenly escalated health issue—thanks to the dedicated health professionals!– over the course of the afternoon and evening and he is feeling better this morning.

No, it isn’t an earth-shaking story of timing as you read it, but it was still pretty important to us.  It shook our world.  God knew exactly when I would be needed and He knew exactly where I needed to be in order to respond quickly and get my husband the help that he so desperately needed.  He allowed the medical professionals to be extremely close by (less than a city block away!) and He provided all of that because HE CAN and because it was part of HIS PLAN to bless us yesterday.

Never discount the details!  God is there!  Timing really is everything and I’m so grateful that I serve the One who is in charge of time…and everything else, as well.  It was another ordinary day of miracles, indeed.


2 thoughts on “Timing

  1. God is good ALL THE TIME. He knew where you needed to be yesterday and at what time. God let you see yesterday that he was at work. Praise!


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