For your weekend…

SONY DSCSeveral months ago I wrote about finding a heart-shaped rock on my front porch.  I considered it a little gift from God.  Last week, I found another one while I was weed-eating…just laying there on the front porch…right in front of me…not four feet from where I found the first one.

Like the first one, it’s a bit rough around the edges.  Naturally, I started thinking about how it got there and when.  It really doesn’t matter.  It just makes me smile and reminds me that our real hearts–while they may often feel battered, too–are also gifts from God.

This week I’ve been sharing about miracles.  By definition, miracles involve a resolution to a significantly stress-full situation.  There is often significant change in situation, pain, or extreme distress involved somewhere in the process before the miracle finally occurs.

There’s something else you need to know about miracles:  no matter what size they are– they can only come from God.  People can do spectacular things, but only God can do the truly miraculous.

Sometimes we get in on what I call the ‘baby miracles’—the ones where the light changes just as you get to it and you can keep going without even slowing down or you look around and notice the perfect flower or gorgeous sunset– the perfect camera shot—right when you’ve got your camera ready to shoot…or when you find a heart-shaped rock on your front porch! (smile!)

Sometimes we get to see miracles in their ‘middle’:  those things that are in process and you can tell that it’s going to be something really special, but life doesn’t allow you to stick around and see it all:  like a rose bush covered in buds or a new marriage between two people who seem made for each other.

Sometimes we have the privilege of seeing the ‘end result miracle’—you know, the one where it’s all finally over and what we get to see is the big “Ta-Da!” at the end.  Those are great!  These are the ones where the baby is finally born or the report arrives that the cancer is finally gone…and we gasp!

We gasp–especially when we’ve been right in the middle of it all–because we’re amazed at the end result and we’re moved by it.  We also gasp, in part, because we’ve been metaphorically holding our breath as we’ve waited to see what God will decide and how it will all turn out.

You can go through life holding your breath waiting on the “big miracle” to happen just like you want it and ignoring all the smaller ones God grants you every day.  Holding your breath isn’t comfortable at all.  Breath is life-giving…it’s own miracle within the miracle of life.  I’ll tell you from personal experience this week that once you finally exhale, you’ll be sore from just the muscles holding tension as you held your breath throughout a stressful situation.

All that brings me to the weekend challenge.  No matter what miracles you’ve been surrounded by this week or those you’re still hoping to see, take some time to just breathe normally and get some rest.  Your heart will thank you and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to see all the miracles a little clearer next week.

Grace and Peace!

See you back here on Monday!


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