For your weekend…

I keep thinking about my post from yesterday and “eulogeo”–the root word for “bless.”  Eulogeo, of course, is also where we get the word “eulogy”  which also means “to speak well of.”  If speaking well of God will bless His heart, just think how it will affect those around us!

Short and sweet, here’s your challenge for the weekend:  Make a point to ‘speak well of’ at least three people before Monday morning.  You can do this by speaking directly to them or you can do so while speaking to other people…just make sure the one your speaking well of can hear you do it!  (grin)

My mother has always said that she’d rather have her flowers while she’s alive to enjoy them…and I think the same sentiment applies to words of encouragement and blessing!  Say them out loud, write them down–your choice!–but do so while it can make a difference in and can improve the relationships with those you love!

Here’s to a weekend of blessing…for all of us!  Have fun!

Grace & Peace!

See you back here on Monday!


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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