Trust and see…

We left home before early on Monday morning and proceeded along the path back toward “normal”…whatever that is.  Things seemed to be settling down.

After a doctor’s appointment in another town and the ride home, back to work and on to errands, we managed to meet back home during the lunch hour.  He arrived first and was sitting out on the deck—just enjoying life.  We talked a short time and then headed back in the house.  Pausing to finish our conversation, we decided to sit in our chairs—which are arranged side-by-side in our living room.

I hadn’t been seated long before I noticed something that you never want to notice…a wet seat.  A soaking wet seat…in my relatively new upholstered chair.  Looking around I tried to find the overturned glass of water or whatever else might be the cause of such a nasty surprise.  There was more to come. 

There had been a leak.  From the ceiling.  Complete with ruffled paint and damp drywall and openings in paint where there should just be smooth surface.  Just over my chair and my cushion and the blanket that had been left over the arm of the chair on the way out.  Soaking wet.  All of it…not to mention the seat of my pants. (His chair—with the arm of it actually touching mine—was completely bone dry. Go figure.)

We’d had a leak in the same location one time before –years before—the result of an ancient air conditioner overflowing the pan.  That unit is history, but the leak was in the same place, so I called my AC guy and he came to rescue us.  He worked on it for awhile and found the problem along with a couple of additional issues that needed to be addressed.  They were things that would have caused us bigger problems down the road.  And then, in the course of fixing the AC issues, he noticed something else…a clogged drain line.

It wasn’t the cause of the water in my chair, but if he hadn’t noticed it, we’d have had even larger issues down the road.

Later in the afternoon, the plumber came.  He fixed that issue…and then found another one.  Fixing it required an additional plumber and a return visit this morning.  It’s all done now.  We hope.

Throughout all of this, I’ve been working steadily in the shop creating beautiful pieces of jewelry for a major show this coming Saturday…which I’m now told may have some rain just in time for the festivities.  Great.  (sarcasm, sarcasm) This will be the third major show we had scheduled for the year.  We’ve had to back out of the previous two due to emergency health issues, so we’ve been looking forward to this one.  My husband is feeling better and we got a great write-up in the local paper this past Sunday all about our little business.  To hear that we may have to deal with rain…

Well, at some point, you just have to laugh.  It may be more difficult to do some days, but really, what’s the alternative?  My faith doesn’t depend on the weather or dryness of my chair.  Everything I have belongs to God…including me, the possessions in my care, the business, any money in the bank…all of it.  If that’s the way God wants to spend His money, His time, His people, His stuff—then who am I to argue?

Over and over during the past two days, I’ve found myself starting to ask God for something specific…and then changing my prayer to, “God, help me to trust You in this.  You know exactly what I need better than I do, so please help me to trust you with this.”  I’ve sung praise songs in my head while I’ve discussed the latest frustration and, then once again, asked God to help me trust Him in these things.

Now, don’t get me wrong, God’s plenty clear on what I’d really like to have happen.  He’s not the least bit confused about that—or anything else.  What I think He’s trying to show me is that I don’t have to “instruct” HIM about anything.  There’s nothing wrong with being specific when you pray, but I’m finding that there is a whole other trust level when you can just check your desires at the door and wait to see where God wants to go while you truly trust Him to provide what is best for you

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (grin), the drains are now clear, the AC is cooling, and the chair is finally dry.  We still have some drywall work and some painting that will need to happen and the cats are acting crazy again in the wake of so many visitors, and it all seems headed toward normal again…whatever that is.

“The LORD will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O LORD, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands.”  Psalm 138:8 (NKJV)


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