Rearranging more than just furniture…

The sudden deluge of water into the seat of my favorite chair last week was a pretty good indicator that I’d need to change the furniture arrangement for a bit.

It’s been a long time coming, actually.  I tend to change the furniture around more than most people because I just like to keep things interesting.  Changing where you sit in a room gives you a different perspective on life–and what’s outside your windows!  Right now, my chair is in a place that isn’t really comfortable for me–as in, I don’t really like the view of the rest of the room, but I LOVE the views I now have out both the front and back windows!  People…views…people…views…insert vision of me moving my hands up and down like I’m weighing which is more valuable here!  LOL

The changes aren’t significant for the rest of the room, actually, but it puts me across the room from my husband now.  I can see his face easily for conversation, but I can’t reach over and grab his hand while we talk…and that is the reason we changed the furniture around the last time.  We like being able to reach out to hold hands.  My husband does not like being rearranged like this.

This new arrangement also highlights another issue for me.  I have too much furniture in this room right now.

I’m good with some blank spaces in a room.  I really prefer to have a few.  I’m not into feeling cramped–or having lots of tiny little things to dust.  Yes, there’s a more open pathway from the front door and we like that, but creating the larger pathway means the other items in the room are now clustered closer together…and that, I like not so much.

For years I’ve lived with the notion that everything in my house should make me smile, hold a great memory or provide a necessary function in an attractive way.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot of things just following those rules.  The things that remain are mostly beloved and functional pieces.  That makes weeding them out a little more difficult, but not impossible.

I’ve done a chair count and we have an abundance!  I’ve got at least one extra side table–but I like every single one of those, so I’m not sure what to do on that front.  I’m also having a new treadmill delivered later today and that means the room it will reside in will need some work, as well, and I was just in the pantry and noticed that I’ve got more than a few extra vases that need to be cleared out, as well.  Yep, it’s turning into a much-needed, though belated, spring cleaning.  I haven’t even made it upstairs yet, but I’ve already started my mental tally on what may need to go from up there or be rearranged from those rooms, as well.

As I go through the house looking for items that will need to go, I’m reminded of just how blessed I am.  I have the things I need for the most part–and if not, it’s usually because I’m too particular to settle for something that I’m less than satisfied with–and that makes me even more aware of the fact that I am blessed.  That pickiness alone makes me aware that I’m blessed to have the choice to be so.

We’ve got a pretty full schedule for the next week or so that includes two show dates and the need to be in the shop to create items for those, so the great clean-out will have to be delayed…at least temporarily.  I’m not getting rid of the idea of getting rid of the excess, but for today, I’m enjoying my new view out the window, rearranging the furniture in my mind, thinking about who I can bless with my excess and thanking God for providing me with all these choices.

“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”  Proverbs 24:3-4

And, yes, it makes me smile that I could find a Scripture verse that addresses even this!  (grin)


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