For your weekend…

We’re packing for the show, but before I head out, I want to mention something.  The theme words (those words that keep showing up around me) for my week have been miracle and legacy.  Those are really big words.  Maybe not in the numbers of letters, but in concept.

Your challenge for this weekend has three parts:

  1. to continue to look for/count the miracles around you and
  2. to give some thought time to the kind of legacy you want to leave for those you love–those values and life lessons you want to pass on

and then,

3.  do something about it.

Call your mom and tell her “Happy Mother’s Day!” if she’s living or share your favorite memories of her, if she’s not.  Take some time to share the things that are most important to you with those who love you.  Make the time to get out and do something together that will reinforce the values you want your life to represent to others.

  • Share a meal with family or friends.
  • Take in a ballgame together–Little League games are fun even when you don’t know anyone on the field!
  • Go for a walk–even if it is just around your yard.
  • Be creative together–paint, build, garden, or visit a museum.
  • Donate your time or contribute toward a cause you support.
  • Worship together.
  • Share YOURSELF with those around you.  The gift of YOU is a MUCH bigger deal than you may ever imagine!

Grace & Peace!

Oh, yeah, HAVE FUN with this one–and feel free to share what adventures you took with me here!!!  (grin!)  I’ll see you back here next week!


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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