For your weekend…

I’ve been up since a little after 3 this morning.  Out of the blue—I just woke up and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep—despite the melatonin and the time of desperately willing myself to do so…hmmm, there might just be a connection to all the jumbled thoughts running through my brain…well, that and another crazy earworm.

(Yep, Frank Sinatra’s “Fly me to the moon” has been playing on center stage for a couple of hours now and, well, at least it beats Adele’s version of the theme from James Bond’s “Skyfall” that’s been there since earlier in the week.  I really need to be more careful about what movies I watch while on the treadmill!)

I always wonder what these middle of the sleeping time wakefulness times are all about.  Usually, they’re a sign that I need to pray for someone or that I forgot to write something down on the eternal (infernal?!) to-do list.  I’ve learned to lie still for awhile and just listen in case God’s telling me something important, as well.  When all of that fails, I get up and check email, play Spider Solitaire or write whatever comes into my head.  I guess you can see where this one led, right?

In any case, it brings me to the weekend challenge:  My husband and I were talking last night about how long it has been since we just did something fun.  Yes, we have some measure of fun every day, but we’re talking about taking some time to just tune out all of the things we have to do and get away and play for a bit.  We’ve been scanning our calendars and trying to arrive at a time and a destination for all this fun…and so far, it’s not just coming to us!  (grin)  We’re going to have to work a bit to make this happen.  So, where’s the challenge?

Here it is:  take some time this weekend and have a little fun.  At the very least, start planning for it!   It doesn’t have to be expensive or expansive—maybe it’s just a trip to see relatives in another state or holing up in a cabin all by yourself.  Perhaps it means picking a place you’ve never been before or returning to a place you’ve been a thousand times.  No matter what the choice, we’ve found that the planning and anticipation can be almost as much fun as the actual trip!  Just knowing that you’ve got something to look forward to can be a real stress reliever.

So, grab an atlas and your calendar and just see what you can come up with this weekend!  The earworm is optional!—or maybe not…

Grace & Peace!


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