Despite my best intentions and my desire to live from 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12, there are times when even the idea of that ‘quiet life’ seems not only improbable, but impossible.  People have schedules and need my assistance–on their schedules!  (Can you imagine?!) I have a desire for my own schedule to reign supreme occasionally…and, as an adult, it seems like it should be so easy to just put my foot down and declare it to be so…and yet we all know that there are times when that simply isn’t feasible–or loving.  Everywhere we turn there is noise whether it is physical, emotional or mental.  And, yes, there’s also the spiritual noise.

Sounds almost sacrilegious to say it, but it’s true.  We can get so busy doing things for God that we forget to take the time to get away and spend time with Him on a regular basis.  We end up looking like spiritual champs on the outside and becoming spiritual wimps in reality. 

A friend shared with me the words of her daughter this past weekend and in those words describing all of the schedule and the service, the times of sharing knowledge and joining in worship with fellow believers–all with the knowledge that she is helping bring others closer to Christ–I could hear the quiet scream of desperation for some time alone…with God.  Time alone away from the madding crowd no matter how great they are.  With God, of course, because He never leaves us…even when we pack our schedules so tightly we lose sight of Him.

My friend’s daughter hasn’t lost sight of God.  She seems fully aware of His presence and she knows that what she’s doing is important, but the schedule–there’s that word again!–is so hectic that there’s been no time for walking alone with Him.  No time for being quiet.  That makes it harder to hear His still small voice to permeate her soul.  He seems silent for now…and perhaps He is…forcing her to see the need for Him and see how hard it is without that precious personal communication.

 I know that because I’ve been there.  It’s a hard place to be.

I’m grateful for my sharing friend because her sharing of those words has forced me to be aware of this lack in my own self here of late.  I’m grateful because the awareness of her daughter’s need and my personal understanding of it makes it easier for me to pray for her daughter–and for her.  I’m grateful because you can’t adress what you’re unaware of…and I am now aware that I’ve allowed some things to be given higher priority than what I’ve given to God lately, and I can remedy that.

I’m taking some time to dive a little deeper into the Word this week.  I’m studying about being quiet.  Naturally, the schedule seems on it’s ear this week, filled with all kinds of unexpected things to do along with those already planned.  It doesn’t matter.  I will carve out the time to be quiet this week before my God.  I will dig deeper and draw closer. 

Join me?  In your own noisy little corner of the world?


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