I know who I am. Do you?

I am Paul.  I’m well-educated, from a good family and I’m passionate about what I do here, but I struggle in some areas with doing the very things that I know that I shouldn’t do.  I have seen God do amazing things in my life and send me in directions I never thought I’d go.  There are things I’ve prayed for that God has chosen to withhold.

I am Timothy.  I have a deeply spiritual family legacy and have had the heavy responsibility of teaching others who may be older than I.  I have need of a mentor who will hold me accountable, give me encouragement and tell me where I need to improve.

I am Martha.  I love the Lord and I want Him to reside in my home, but I can become so task-oriented that I forget to stop doing the many things on my to-do list and spend time with Him.

I am Gideon.  Sometimes I wonder if what I’m hearing is really from God and I test Him instead of immediately being obedient.

I am Deborah.  I have a reputation for being wise, but I realize that sometimes actions speak louder than words, so I am unafraid of going to battle when necessary.

I am David.  My passion for God is intense, but I have failed Him in the past and my worship of Him may occasionally make others uncomfortable.

I am Saul.  I have been chosen by God, but sometimes my temper gets the best of me and I have lashed out in anger at the people He has placed around me to give me peace.

I am Peter.  I have spent years with God Himself and still there are times when I let my mouth get ahead of my brain.  I have often run to walk on the water and I know what it feels like to be in way over my head.

I am Abraham.  I am getting older and I am still clinging to some of the promises I heard years ago that aren’t yet visible to my eyes.

I am the woman at the well.  I have a past that some people know and some people do not, but I have met Someone who loves me in spite of it all and I want to tell everyone I see all about Him.

I am Elijah.  I have laughed and made fun of those who call out to man-made gods and I have prayed to the Lord and seen miracles happen.  I have had my own times of self-pity and looked for God in the wind and the earthquake and the fire…and almost missed the still small voice.

I am Ruth.  I am intensely loyal and I am willing to work hard, but I’m grateful for a little romance, as well.

I am Becky.  I am all these things and so much more…and some days, so much less.  I am a beloved child of the One and Only God, the Creator of all things and the Lover of my soul.  I am filled with gratitude and overflowing with praise and I still have days when I whine to God because I didn’t get my way.  I am amazed at how well my God loves me and provides for me and I’m convinced that the best is yet to come.

Who are you?


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