June Garden Walk

“And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day…”  Genesis 3:8a

There’s always been a bit of a debate about the exact location of the garden of Eden, but I’ve always wondered if it wasn’t located near here since God Himself knew that you needed to be out in the garden in the cool of the day. (grin)  SONY DSC

It’s a Mississippi summer and that means if you don’t get your yardwork done early, you’ll have a hard time dealing with the heat.  I was out earlier today and thought you might want to join me for a stroll…out the yellow front door…and over to smell the gardenias (Aren’t they just heavenly?!), SONY DSC then around to the back to check out how the sunlight filters through the Japanese maples SONY DSC in their pots by the back porch. SONY DSC Let’s head up the stairs past the new wind chimes SONY DSC and check out both the view from the deck SONY DSC and the new peppers. SONY DSCAfter a short spell of taking it all in, we’ll head out back to see what’s left of the blackberries SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC along with the roses and blueberry bushes.

On to the herb garden where we’ll check out the yarrow SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC  along with the licorice, bee balm, and lemon grass.  Don’t miss the newest fronds on the fennel!  SONY DSC

It’s already heating up.  I think we’d better have a seat SONY DSC and just enjoy the quiet of the morning…

I sure am glad you decided to join me today!  Grace and Peace…and a beautiful Mississipi Thursday to you all!


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