Seeing and being seen…

Oh, how I needed yesterday!  After being out the past three weekends for various reasons, I was back.  Back where?  In church.  My home church.

It was good to see the faces of those I love and meet new ones.  It was good to hear my pastor’s words in the morning and listen to the two young women who have been busy doing mission work in Africa in the evening.  It was good.  What was great about being there was just being surrounded by other people who love God and aren’t afraid to show that every day of their lives.  All of us together:  the young and the old, the ones who’ve been in church their whole lives and the ones who are brand new to it all, the passionate and the restrained, the teachers and students, doctors and executives, a new personal chef friend we met at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday who sat beside us for worship, salespeople, active children and retired military, housewives and the unemployed-but-still-serving individuals.

God doesn’t see us that way, you know.  I mean, yes, He’s aware of what we do here on earth, but He doesn’t categorize us by our professions or our bank balances.  He sees us.  He sees you.

There’s a difference, you know, in seeing and in being seen.  You can be aware of the presence of someone without really noticing the important things about them or knowing the way they’re really feeling at the moment.  We’ve made that phrase be all about the purely social aspect of being present at a given place…usually one of social prominence.  When God sees us, it’s not about that at all.

Whether we’re comfortable with the idea or not, God sees the heart inside of us.  He sees the one that beats to give us life and the metaphorical one, also…the one that either beats for Him…or doesn’t.  He knows.  He knows when we’re just barely getting by and when we’re hanging on by the tips of our fingernails and He knows when we’re so busy that we’ve placed our priorities out of order…and He knows the when and the why and the how it all happened, as well.  God sees you.  He sees you personally.  He knows what you need and He knows exactly what it’s going to take for you to get to the point where you know that all you really need is Him.

He’s polite.  Not pushy.  He won’t overwhelm your defences and demand that you choose Him first.  He will, however, doggedly pursue you right up until the last possible second in order to show His great love for you.

Why?  Because He sees you–and because He looks at you with a heart full of unconditional love and when He does that, He sees you not only right where/as you are…He sees what your possibilities are…and you know what?  He thinks you’re something really special.


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