Exactly one year ago today I sat in front of my computer, took a really deep breath and started punching keys.  Because I’d rather punch a button and see what it does than read a whole series of instructions, it was some time before I got up again…but when I finally did, I had started a blog.

I didn’t have a long list of complicated reasons for doing so.  I mainly had just one:  God wouldn’t let me alone about it.

I wasn’t sure what He was up to and I really wasn’t sure what I was doing…except being obedient.

Being obedient hasn’t always been second nature to me.  Just ask my parents and a few of my teachers. (grin)  What I’ve found out over the years, however, is that loving God and doing what He says may be scary at times and it may lead you into some very uncomfortable places, but the reward—knowing that you’re pleasing Him—is worth every single second of the unknown.

In the past year, I’ve found that to be true all over again.  I’ve heard from people I never expected to hear from again, watched in amazement at the growing list of countries where people have checked in to read something I wrote, received feedback from people I’ve never even met and been totally astounded that it took so much time to write out even simple posts.  Again, it has been worth every single second.

I wish I could tell you that I totally “get it” now and I understand exactly what God was up to when He started all this, but that wouldn’t be true.  Sharing these pieces of my heart and my life can often seem a lot more personal than I would normally even share in person…and yet I write and I hit the “publish” button and seconds later, there it all is on display to the world…because that’s what He seems to want for now.

To those who join me on a regular basis, thank you.  Though they are simple words, the gratitude they convey is much larger than you can imagine.

To the many friends who have sent words of encouragement, mentioned this blog to others or shared it even once:  your generosity of spirit overwhelms me and I am always amazed at the grace God have given me in you.

To my husband, who has sat waiting to leave on so many occasions as I typed frantically and called out “just one more minute, please” and been kind enough to do so…not to mention being my very first follower!—ILYM&B!!!  ALWAYS!!!

And finally, to the God who gives me words and a place to share them, I am Yours.  Though the grace and forgiveness You have poured into my life are greater than words could ever say, I’m having fun trying and I love that You see into me and find ways to let me have fun doing what You told me to do in the first place.  May all all my ambitions–quiet and otherwise–come from You.

Now let’s see where it goes from here…


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