For your weekend…

It’s been a very busy week.  We’ve been getting ready to participate in the Prairie Arts Festival on Saturday–and that takes a lot of work!  We’ve been spending our hours in the shop making beautiful things and anticipating all the friends we will see as they come to enjoy the festival and all the wonderful artisans and other vendors who will be there, as well.

I haven’t had a lot of internet time this week, but the following little story did catch my eye…and my heart…so I thought I’d share it with all of you:

I think this really short story embodies the very best of our military!  That brings me to the challenge for the weekend:

Most of us in the US will be celebrating Labor Day this weekend and, as a result, will have a bit more time off than we usually do.  While you’re out and about, please make a point to show your appreciation to our military members and their families!  Their service to our country is normally a much unappreciated job–but it is oh, so necessary!  Let’s make an extra effort to show them that we support them and remind them that we are grateful for their willingness to serve our country (and US!) in such selfless ways!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you may be!

Grace & Peace!



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