For your weekend: Shhhhh…

I was on my way to get groceries this week when I felt God directing me to add another stop to my growing list.  It wasn’t long before I understood why.  I was being sent to listen.  Yes, listen.  It was a hard listening, but I understood…I had been there.  Minutes later, I stood and listened again.  It was hard…again…and I understood because I had been there.  Within the hour, I found myself listening to yet another story.  This one was joyous–the story of a loved one coming to know Christ and follow Him.  I understood because I have been there, too.

Sometimes in our rush to DO something for people we forget that there are times that we just need to BE for them.  There is a seriously understaffed ministry in the listening field.  We’ve put so many things on our to-do lists that we’ve made it all but impossible to take time out to actually meet this most basic need of the ones we truly love…and then we wonder why we aren’t able to communicate well with each other on a Tuesday…much less in times of crisis!

This brings us to our weekend challenge:  Make a point to just hush sometime over the next few days and let the people around you share their hearts instead of just sharing your space.  Stop doing whatever it is you’re doing and make eye contact.  Focus on the one(s) in front of you.  Listen.  Honestly, it may take you asking a few leading questions to get them started and they may look at you a bit strangely because quite often we’re so busy multi-tasking that these conversations get pushed to the back burner.

As you do this, you just might be surprised at what you learn about people you think you already know everything about…and you might just give them the idea that they can come talk to you again.

Now, wouldn’t that be something?

Grace & Peace!


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