For your weekend…

On Sunday morning my teacher read 1 Thessalonians 4:11 out loud and asked the following question:  “What does it mean to live a quiet life?” and I, the one who has a blog based on this verse and a life goal of this verse–the one who thinks and writes about it almost every day (even if you don’t always get to read it)–remained silent.

I sat and listened.

I sat quietly and I smiled inside and I thought about how I once would have rushed in to answer that question and taken up all the words and how no one else would have been able to participate.  I sat there listening to good answers and being grateful for a God who doesn’t give up on us…a God who has the patience to out-wait us in all of our wrong-ness even in the pursuit of goodness.

Today, I opened up my email and found Tonia Peckover’s comments strangely familiar.  Among other gems, she wrote, “Perfectionism has a way of blinding the soul. I am terribly impatient with my humanity.”

(Read the rest of it over here? )

I can SO identify with this posting…this other sister blogger and child of God who is searching just like I am for a quieter life.  There are many things that we do not have in common, but the soul…the soul searching for God in the details is a much larger bond than many.

This brings me to the challenge for the weekend. (Yes, I know.  It’s a day early, but I have a very full schedule this week!  grin)  It’s an attitude check.  How’s your attitude these days?  What are you pursuing and what is your attitude while doing so?  Are you so focused on your goal that you can’t see the blessings on the way?  Are you missing out on people in search of things or are you so occupied with people and their opinions that you’ve become unable to proceed toward your goal?  There is a balance, you know.  Take some time out to find yours today.

We need you at your best because you’re the only you there is!

Grace & Peace!

“Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it.” ~Marianne Williamson (via Tonia Peckover)

Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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