Slow news day…

Well, the United States government is shut down and the Obama-care exchange sign-up is proceeding as scheduled (at least according to certain government sources). Other than that, well, there’s really nothing going on, so I thought this would be a great day to bring you all up to speed on what’s been happening around here. (ha!)

After 14 years of being back in Mississippi, God decided to change things around again! We’re headed back to Georgia.


The past few weeks have been filled with all kinds of discussion about life goals and plans for the future…all contingent on whatever God chose to do…and now we know. At least we know in part. The main part that we know is that our time in Mississippi is limited and there will be brand new challenges coming up really, really soon.

Some of those challenges have already arrived. There’s a whole new set of questions about how we go about packing up 14 years of life and accumulated possessions and dreams and flotsam and prepare for the all the unknowns in the process.

Once again, I’ve been grateful for a God who knows all the answers and chooses NOT to tell me about it all at once. The anticipation is part of the process and He’s been gracious to begin filling in the gaps and spaces in what are (for now) manageable chunks. Yes, there are some things I wish He would reveal a bit sooner than others, but I trust Him to do it in ways that will make it all easier.

I need easier right now, because in some ways, this is WAY harder than I had anticipated.

I didn’t want to move back here, you see, and I fought it tooth and nail even while I accepted that God knew best. I wasted time here…wishing I weren’t here…and knowing it was all part of God’s plan…and still fighting it because it wasn’t part of mine.

It is one thing to accept God’s will and another to embrace it.

That’s just one of the lessons He’s taught me here. I’ve learned a lot…mainly because there was a LOT to learn. Perhaps the most needed lesson I learned is that I wasn’t nearly as smart as I thought I was back then. (grin) Perhaps the same can be said of me now, but I’m so grateful for a patient, loving God who continues to mold me and teach me and insist on His way instead of just letting me run amok.

Philosophizing aside, I’ve got to get off here and get busy. There are chores to do and a whole list of things that need to happen before the move can occur. I think I’ll put in “Under the Tuscan Sun” while I work through my list for the day and put myself in the mood for all the major life changes and renovations to come…after all, it is a slow news day.

4 thoughts on “Slow news day…

  1. Sweet Becky, I had to wait a day after reading your news before I could respond without it being a selfish response! You and Mike have been such a blessing to me and my family, and I certainly am not fond of God’s plan to move you to Georgia. HOWEVER, if I have learned anything in all these years, it is to accept that He knows what is best for us! I can only pray that you and Mike will visit often! We have shared many hurts, joys, praises, and secrets! You have been a faithful prayer warrior over the years, and I know that will continue. My prayer for you and Mike is that God will give you peace and much joy as you move back to the place you love so much, and that He will quickly find a place of service for both of you in His work. You are so loved and will be so missed! I am learning that it really is a small world, so you will just be a short journey away. I will never again be able to pick blueberries without thinking of you!! Come back and pick again!!
    Love you, my friends!


  2. Oh, Becky! I’ve just begun to know you and your wonderful faith and spirit. I am sad for me and glad for you in your move, but at least I’ll still have your blogs. There will be a big hole at Fairview without you and Mike.


    • I responded to you, but apparently it got lost in the blogosphere! LOL THANK YOU, Mrs. Pat, for your kind words and sweet spirit! I’m grateful God has allowed us to get better aquainted in the past few months, as well! You are a treat!


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