For your weekend…

This week has flown by me…packed with phone calls and emails full of hoops to jump through for the upcoming move, lots of new people and  a big show miles from home, news of uncertainty and of things less than we want them to be…and the goodness of God’s people.apples

God is SO very good to send me glimpses of grace in the midst of chaos and confusion.  People who do their job with joy and are deliberate in their determination to bless others—these are no small gifts from Him!

No matter what your week was like, I am certain that God’s fingerprints of grace were visible where you were, as well.  Did you tell Him “Thank you!” for sending those little gifts of intentional blessing?  Did you stop and tell those He sent to bless you the same thing?  These people who arrive in the nick of time, serve with dignity and a smile, or use their gifts and resources to benefit others–and never ask for more than the opportunity to do so–did you tell them you were grateful for them?

SONY DSCIt’s not too late!  Do it today!  Say it in person, write a note, pin it to a box of candy or a flat of gardening flowers for their yard.  This is your opportunity to be creative in your blessing of others! (My precious #3 blessed me with this gorgeous little quilt some time ago and it never fails to cheer my heart and remind me of just how very blessed I am!)

Be deliberate in your thanksgiving just as God is deliberate in sending you reasons to give it!  Choose to be grateful!  Choose to bless in return—and then pass it along to someone else, as well!  Be grateful and become the reason for someone else’s gratitude! 

It isn’t just the challenge for the weekend…it is the challenge for life.  Join me in this?


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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