My throat no longer hurts and I’m breathing much better!  I am making slow-but-steady progress on the mountains of paperwork entailed in moving!  (Major praise for both of those things!  God is very good!)

As I’ve gone through the paperwork listing what was purchased when and all that goes with us and all that stays, I’ve been taking breaks every now and then to “de-personalize” our house and help get it ready for the new owners-to-be to walk through (hopefully one day very soon!) and suddenly and miraculously recognize that this is where they should spend the next years of their lives.

(Ok, perhaps I’ve watched a little too much HGTV while I’ve been doing this, as well.)

In any case, that’s been the prayer…along with asking God for them to be good neighbors to our wonderful ones and that they would be especially kind to Jake (the neighborhood dog).   I don’t feel silly about praying this way.  I believe God listens.  I believe He cares what we want.  I know He does, actually.  I’ve seen Him in action before.

One of my many favorite quotes, in fact, addresses this very situation:

“Once you’ve experienced the awesomeness of God, you come to expect it.”  ~(major apologies!  I can’t find the source today!)

As I’ve been making our current home less personal, I’ve been even more aware of how very personal my God is.  He has been right here with me.  Helping me recover from this cold, giving me strength to do an amazing amount of work each day, helping me overcome the feelings (like when I packed up all the photos of the nephews and our times together here!) that overcome me from time to time as I remember how God has used this place to bless us and by just giving me peace in the midst of the waiting and wondering—these are just a few of the things God has been doing for me this past week!

I love that He is here with me!  I love that He has a plan for me!  I love that He is in charge…even on the days when I momentarily wish I were…but not really.  You see, I’ve seen my planning skills in action.  I’m very aware of what I can do…and what I cannot do.  I need God to show up and be personal for me in all of this!  I’d need Him to do so even if we weren’t going through so many big changes, but I really need Him on things of this magnitude!

You know something else?  I love that somewhere in Georgia, there’s someone else who is probably doing the very same thing I’ve been doing…and one day (perhaps very soon?) I’m going to walk through her de-personalized space and see what God has in store for us there, as well.  Impersonal God?  No way!  My God is seriously involved!  Just get ready to watch Him work!  He’s about to do something really special!

Share with me?  How is God showing up and showing out in your life these days?

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