For your weekend…

The past 24 hours have been another roller-coaster ride…and not just for me.  Yesterday, I was privileged to be asked to pray for another friend in another state whose home has been on the market for quite some time.  After all the waiting, they finally had an offer!

What a gift!  As friends from across the South–and perhaps even further–unified our prayers for a successful conclusion for our friend, we were united in spirit.  God was gracious–and perhaps, even a bit humorous–as He sent in a second contract for their review on the very same day.

Last night we were notified that our friend and her husband had accepted a contract and that the terms God had sent were very generous…just because He likes to do that sort of thing…and just because He can.  As we all celebrated our friend’s blessing, a comment was made that “Anyone who doesn’t believe in the power of prayer should read this message chain!”

Once again, I was reminded of our need for a faith family and additionally reminded that they will never all be located under one roof.  How fabulous that is!  We are spread across the globe on purpose!  We are sent to minister wherever we are!

What will you do to support your faith family this weekend?  How will you reach out and minister to those around you?  It doesn’t have to take up your whole weekend–it just has to come from the heart and bring glory to God.  What will you choose today?


2 thoughts on “For your weekend…

  1. Hey Becky, sounds like it’s time for the roller-coaster to stop. I was just wondering if you and Mike are in Georgia would you like to have Thanksgiving  dinner with us. Rhea and Kevin will be down. Not sure if my brother from Douglasville can  come or not.  But your Uncle Ricky and I would love to have you two over. Just let me know  when you can. There is always plenty of food. We’ll eat at 1:00 with the traditional fare: turkey,  dressing, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, beans, fruit and apple pie with ice cream.  Hope you can make it would love to see you both. Take Care, Aunt Rita



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