Merry Christmas 2013

SONY DSCI thought I’d missed it already…what with all of the move details and the recovering from illness and the traveling back and forth and only a beautiful fresh-greenery wreath hand-made by my mother for decoration in this less-than-half-furnished impersonal apartment.  I had already decided earlier in the month that this would just be “the Christmas that wasn’t” for us.  It wasn’t going to be a tragedy or anything.  After all, we were getting a new house two days after it was all over.  This was just the price we were going to pay for making such life-altering decisions at this time of the year.

But God had other plans. 

He has made me rejoice in the beautiful decorations hung in quaint small-town squares and along tiny urban neighborhood streets, in the simple strands of lights hung on the balconies of neighboring apartment balconies and in the multitude of cheery “Merry Christmas!” greetings of store clerks and fellow shoppers.  I was every day reminded that we would be with family for the day and that we (my husband and I) were together in one location again and that was a blessing big enough for the entire season.  I was content, if not wildly happy about this season of cheer.  It would be enough for this year and I was already looking forward to decorating the new house for the season … next year.

But God had other plans.

Christmas came earlier this morning.  I was seated on the carpeted floor surrounded by cats who were vying for the best tummy rub and purring to beat the band, listening to Chris Tomlin sing “Emmanuel” when it happened.  Christmas arrived.  In song words that told me what I already know, but had somehow overlooked in all the living it out this season:  Emmanuel…meaning GOD WITH US.


TO us…

FOR us…

IN us…and not just today, but EVERY day.

Seems like I just might be ready to get a jump on Christmas 2014…starting now!   Merry Christmas, everyone!

Grace and Peace…and lots and lots of Emmanuel.

Have an extra minute?  Click on the link below and listen to Chris Tomlin’s “Emmanuel” for yourself.


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