Something to think about…

If you waited until

  • everything in your life was calm
  • all things are perfect
  • all of the people in your life are behaving just like you want them to
  • it is the perfect temperature
  • you’ve got the perfect hair
  • you’re at your ideal weight
  • the news people have only good news to report
  • you absolutely love your job every single day
  • the trash takes itself out and your house cleans itself automatically
  • your bank balance is no longer a concern
  • you have an hour of uninterrupted free-time with nothing to do
  • _____________________ (fill in the blank with your own fantasy here!)


  • talk to God
  • get to know Him better
  • tell Him you love Him
  • read His word
  • ask His opinion
  • live all of your life for Him
  • say “Thanks!”
  • tell others about Him…

…How long would that take?

So what are you waiting on today?


One thought on “Something to think about…

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