The Hard Day

Today has been that day. It has been a day when each time the phone or the text message sound has rung I’ve almost cringed because the calls that have carried hard news have been more numerous than those that carried the good. A hard day…

  • Filled with loss and uncertainty, anger and what-ifs that can’t be answered.
  • Filled with bright yellow sunshine and just enough clouds to give you a break from the heat, breezes beneath the tall pines, and new daylilies blooming for the first time since we arrived here with the promise of more to come all around the house.
  • Filled with the asking of prayers to a God who knows it all and is not surprised.
  • Filled with tears and hurting spirits and love and yelps of happy surprise.
  • Filled with people of broken hearts who called…to ask for prayers of intercession and needs of healing in bodies and hearts and lives. Such honor for one who can’t do anything in each of these situations on her own, but knows the One Who CAN.
  • Filled with voices of family and friendship…is there ever a bad time to hear a loved one’s voice across the distance?
  • Filled with needs I feel in my soul even though they are borne most heavily by those who are far away.
  • Filled with memories of long ago years and the joys that we allowed to pass by so quickly feeling like we’d never be touched with such pain as is felt today.
  • Filled with the comfort found in ancient words written by those who struggled in desperately hard things before the same God Who was just the same then as He is today.
  • Filled with conversation to my Heavenly Father who knows what is needed…and all that is to come.
  • Filled with the celebration of lives and the remembrances of those I love so dearly.

God is good…even today. Especially today because He is near and because He IS.


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